Scribble Christmas Trees

I got these HUGE sheets of green paper from my mother-in-law and since they were green, decided to put them to work as Christmas decorations ;)


Lily and I started out by coloring the huge pieces of paper. I would draw shapes, she would color them in. We then switched to having crayon races, and trying to go FAST! and sloooooow.


I cut the paper into three triangles, then cut some stars out of scrapbook paper, trunks out of a paper bag, attached glue dots to the back, then Lily helped me hang them up.

She was mad at first that I was cutting the paper, but once she realized that we were making Christmas trees, she got SO excited!

If we are ready for another project, I’ll have them add ornament circles!


I love how they turned out, they look so happy in the room, and she was so proud. :)



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    Too cute! "Remember the little things in life; for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

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    What a brilliant idea! I love this and will have to remember it when my 10 month old gets old enough to do this. Shoot…I could have fun doing this myself NOW. haha…Nice to come across your blog!Merry Christmas!Heidi (hi-d)

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