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When I posted my kitchen reveal (here, and here) with the new hardwood floors, I had two questions from readers concerning the lack of drawer hardware and where we keep the sippy cups.

I noticed that you don’t have any hardware on your kitchen drawers? Is that for safety reasons for the kiddos?


I actually didn’t realize this until you asked it, ha! Our drawers are the kind that have the little notches on the bottom of the drawer front, and act as a pull. At first it worked like childproofing, but my kids have since figured them out. I would like to add some, preferably glass pulls and knobs, to match the existing glass door knobs in the rest of the house.

When it does come to childproofing cabinets, I don’t. I feel like it would encourage them to get even sneaker!

The next question was asked a while back on our facebook page.

Where do you keep your sippy cups and plates for the kids?

We don’t have any kid plates besides one no-spill bowl Doug’s grandma gave us. They use the same ceramic ones that we do.

Our kid forks and spoons are rarely used, but I’m keeping them for Adam. They’re from IKEA.


The cups were in the bottom drawer in this corner here. The bonus? Easily accessible to kids. The down fall? Easily accessible to kids. And when the cups are easily accessible, the fridge is suddenly fair game and everyone thinks they can pour their own drinks without me.

Not bad when your kids are 8.

But not good when your kids are 2 and 3. It drove me nuts!


I can understand wanting a milk cup and a water cup. But when that turns into 4 water cups per kid strewn across the house? Yeah, no. Mom needs to step in here. This picture was taken two hours after the dishwasher was unloaded. TWO HOURS!!!!

IMG_2752 IMG_2740

Last week I thought to myself,

“oh self, I wish I could find a basket that could go in the cabinets to hold those dang cups."

And then I saw the basket (garage sale, $1) sitting on top of my fridge holding one onion because I have an onion basket on top of my hutch. Drawer, basket, both hold cups and lids and rubber stoppers… a ha!


I moved the cups and not long after that Lily ran into the kitchen to get yet another cup of water.

She stopped. And said “mom, all the cups are dirty! We need to unload the dishwasher!”

And I smiled and reminded her that her cup was on the kitchen table. I did it. I won the Battle of the Cups.


And no matter how hard they try, they have to ask me for a cup. :)


I can honestly say the cup thing was getting to be a huge pet peeve of mine, but now it’s solved.

Where do you keep your kid cups?

What is your pet peeve?


  1. Ali says

    Haha love the reasoning behind not child proofing! You are so right. Great idea for cup storage and it was free!

  2. says

    I keep my sippy cups in a high cabinet. Far from little hands. I am with you on the encouraging factor – my daughter sees child proofing items as a challenge… the fridge lock lasted a whole 24 hours before she had it figured out… I found it in her toy box later that day. haha!

  3. says

    Ooh, the battle of the cups is alive and well in our house, too. I recently found the boys had dragged a kitchen chair to the fridge, and then stacked a stool on top of the seat to facilitate their access! Sad to say, so far, the kids seem to be winning the battle!

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