Summer Drink Week: Make a Hummingbird!

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Today I’ll be sharing one of my favorite drinks, one that holds a spot in my heart:
We were introduced to the Hummingbird on our honeymoon in Jamaica, it was our first and last drink while there. Although three years later we’re far from the sandy beach and glistening ocean, sipping this drink brings me back to that amazing trip. 
The Hummingbird that we had uses both Rum Cream and a Coffee flavored Liquor (Tia Maria, Kahlua), but since I am neither in Jamaica nor a bartender, like you I typically don’t have Rum Cream on hand.

Kahlua is a mixture of rum and coffee liquor, so we’ll be using this along with a secret ingredient…

Here’s what you’ll need:
Kahlua, Cream of Coconut,
a banana, strawberries, a sprinkle of sugar,
milk, ice, and a blender
First, you’ll start by making homemade strawberry syrup!
Cut up a handful of strawberries and place them in a saucepan.
Add a sprinkle of sugar, and simmer until it forms a thick syrup. Chill.
Once the strawberry syrup is chilled, you’ll want to add the following to your blender:

1. two shots (or more) of Kahlua

2. about a 1/4 cup of Cream of Coconut
3. a banana and two cups of ice
4. homemade strawberry syrup
5. about a cup of milk
-then –
6. blend and add more ice as needed

and ENJOY!

looking to make it non-alcoholic?
Simply add coffee and a bit more milk and coconut cream in place of the Kahlua.
If you’re making this version for the kids, skip the coffee and just stick to milk and the regular amount of coconut cream.

Other uses for your strawberry syrup? 
Stir into lemonade or serve it over waffles, pancakes, toast, brownies, or ice cream.

Other uses for your leftover Cream of Coconut?
Stir it into iced coffee in place of your sweetener, add it to smoothies or other frozen drinks, or use in recipes in place of sweetened condensed milk.
Not ready to use it? Store in a glass storage container and it will keep well in the fridge.
Sit back, enjoy, and pretend you’re in Jamaica ;)

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