Sweet Potato Potato Salad


Yep, you read that right. This isn’t just a potato salad that tastes sweet. Or a potato salad that makes you say “Dude, this is a SWEET potato salad.” No, this is a potato salad made with sweet potatoes.

I’m calling it a sweet potato potato salad, because that’s how it makes sense in my brain. If you’re worried that people will think you’re stuttering, feel free to eliminate the extra “potato” .

I wanted to make potato salad the other day, and when I went to get my sack o’ potatoes, I found that I only had four potatoes. That wasn’t going to be enough. I grabbed four more sweet potatoes and wondered if I could make a potato salad with both kinds. If I chickened out, they could always be mashed, right?

I posted this pic on twitter, facebook, and instagram hoping that someone would tell me what to do, but you guys just liked it and said it sounded cool. So I was on my own!

I told myself “Okay self, no chickening out on this one. Figure it out.” So I googled. And I found one. And I adapted it. AND IT WAS AMAZING.

Sweet Potato Potato Salad

4 regular potatoes, diced and unpeeled
4 sweet potatoes, diced and unpeeled
3 T butter
1/2 sweet onion, diced
2 green onions
3 big spoonfuls of mayo
2 splashes of orange juice
4 dashes cumin
4 dashes paprika
salt and pepper
Cook potatoes (I used a steamer). Drain and add butter, stir, and let cool. Add mayo, orange juice, spices, and stir. Add onions and green onions. Salt and pepper to taste.


They were sweet, and creamy, but also savory! Trick your kids into eating it by telling them they’re cheesy. ;)



I’m a decent cook, but I don’t really have a signature dish. You know, the one that when you RSVP for a party, they say “ohhh, can you bring your amazing ____!!!” I always bring fruit or dessert or something they need. But I’m going to start bringing this to parties! :)


What’s your signature dish, the one you’re famous for?


  1. AshleyD says

    I am really excited to try this! When I saw your pic the other day, I thought, ” I really hope she posts the recipe.” So, Thank You! :) My signature dish is Hot Wing Dip. Around Christmas and New Year, I get really tired of it, because we have to take it to so many parties.

  2. lori says

    Looks good!!! My signature dishes are cheesy potato bake and sub salad–not my picks–just what everyone asks for!!! : )
    saw ashley’s comment–now I’m really hungry for hot wing dip!!

  3. says

    Ann Marie, I have been craving potato salad and this sounds great! Sweet potato is such a great twist!
    I am known for a Chinese dessert using glutinous rice flour and sweet bean paste (my mom’s recipe). I was surprised when an old lady asked for the recipe…that must mean it was good haha!

  4. says

    Ironically, I’m known for making potato salad out of whatever random veggies, herbs & condiments I have on hand. I’m going to try your recipe, though!

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