Tan House, Black Shutters

Could it be? Are we actually getting closer to having at least one part of our blog name be true?



As we speak (and I’m sitting inside blogging, haha), Doug and his brother are cleaning the shutters and prepping them to be painted. After my 10 month pregnancy hiatus from spray-painting, it’s safe to say I’m the only one that I trust spray painting anything around here… ;)


If there’s any DIY, money-saving project that I’ve been most proud if it may be this one. The nine pairs of green shutters you see to your left were from freecycle, before we even closed on our house. The four pairs of black ones were $5 total at a barn sale, the four pairs of brown ones were $5 a pair via craigslist,


and four pairs were $3 a pair at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (like a home-improvement version of Goodwill). I went there today to see if they had shutters for the last of the windows, and they had the EXACT sizes that I needed!


I’ve wanted shutters since before we moved in, but waiting it out and buying used whenever we see them has saved us a ton of money. Buying them at HD or Menards would be $360, or $30 a pair.


Buying them (or finding them, in the case of the freecycle ones) like this?  $32, or $2.66 a pair,

not counting spray paint, since I don’t know how much of the 10 cans that I have they’ll need.


I’m off to go help the boys out, but before I go, here’s a photoshopped preview:


Here’s to being a tan house with black shutters, hopefully by the end of the weekend! :D


I highly recommend seeing if there’s a ReStore in your area, click here for locations. If you’re in the Chicagoland area, visit my ReStore here!


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    I am definitely going to have to visit our ReStore in our city. I've always thought of donating to them when the time comes, but never considered I might find some goodies there myself!! :) Your house is coming together beautifully.

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