Tell Me What You Want (what you really really want)

I had a teacher in fourth grade that would have several students at a time stand up in front of the class and read a passage from the text book. It was good practice for public speaking. But even better, she asked everyone to give constructive criticism, and tell them how they could get better. I loved it. Still do.


Often times we think other people don’t want to hear the truth, that they want to hear the sugar coated truth. And then they keep on doing whatever they’re doing wrong and it never gets fixed and they don’t even know the difference! If you’re a good friend, you’ll help the person out and TELL THEM what you think could be better. I’m not saying to be rude, or do it all the time, but be nice about it.

Tell your mom she looks younger (and hotter) with brown hair and that you’ll volunteer to be the one to touch it up for her.

Tell your blogging friend that although her project is amazing, the picture and watermark don’t do it justice. Tell her what you think she could do to improve.

Tell your husband that you love love love when he helps out, but could he do it this way instead? (don’t over do it on this one)

They’ll like it. And they’ll thank you for it.

And if they don’t? Well, oops. Now you know that you should keep your constructive criticism to yourself for that specific person. And maybe some day they’ll thank you for it. Resist the urge to say “I told you so.”


I’ve always wanted to do one of these blogger survey things, and I think it’s time. When answering the questions the main thing I’d like you to do is


be as honest as you can, because only then can I improve. I can take whatever you can throw at me. And trust me, I know I have flaws, and I know there are things I am not doing right. At all. But hearing it from you in addition to hearing it from me will help me get on it and take care of business.

You saying “oh it’s nice, I love what you do” doesn’t help me. Tell me exactly what you like about this blog, exactly what you don’t, and exactly what you’d like to see done differently.

Thank you!! I’ll have a surprise for each and every person that fills this out.

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