The “Before the After” Pictures

I’m not going to just lead ya into the after (although that would be fancy). We are 95% of the way done!

Foyer rebuilt, old floors up, heat registers moved, new floor down, walls painted, doors replaced, trim painted, trim hung, stairs, railing, and floor registers stained (as of last night).

We still have to caulk the trim, touch it up, throw a coat of poly on the stain, and move the furniture back, and that’s it! And plant our garden. OOPS.




We are also replacing the doors with steel ones, hence the two tone. The white one needs to be painted.


Family Room

I’ll put the kids toys and things near that half wall, that sweet map will be over our couch.


Close up of the trim (Valspar Bistro White), floors (Antique Gunstock), and wall color (MS Sharkey Gray). The lamp is Valspar Hubble House Golden Maize spray paint.

I love this gray beige color so so much. The only problem with it is that I want to paint the rest of the house! (Not happening.)



The gray looks much better in our kitchen instead of the beige, it completes it.


And surprise! I painted the rest of the trim in here. It really brightens up the space.


My new blogging stool. $2 or 3 at Goodwill, painted Rustoleum’s Lagoon (fave color of the minute).


Envisioning a gallery wall here with mini chalkboards, pictures, and vintage cooking utensils.


And because I’m cool like that, here’s the rest of the house. Headboard, two couches, double the side tables, crazy.


Couch & pillows that will go in the family room, do you think I should paint the tables a light gray/white?


Headboard. About an hour’s left of work remains. I’m taking off the nailhead!


But let’s get back to this! Kitchen. Ahhhhhhh. :)



  1. says

    OMG I love it! Looks fantastic! Definitely think the tables should be painted. Maybe it’s just the way they’re crammed together in a corner right now, but they just feel so dark. I think a light color would really help brighten things up.

    • says

      aww thank you, Nicole!

      I needed someone to tell me that before I took on another painting job, haha! They worked in the old room, but you’re right, I think they’re too dark. I bought the wrong color for the walls that’s a few shades lighter, so I have the paint anyway. Glad to have ya backing me up on that! :)

  2. Alexandra C says

    Hey Ann Marie!
    My mom wants me to tell you that she LOVES your house, and the title of your blog. :) I love it too. :)
    Aunt Ann and Alex

  3. says

    It looks fabulous. The vintage kitchen tools and chalkboard will be so much fun and add so much personality. Love seeing it come together!

  4. says

    Wow! The new foyer looks so amazing! I’ve loved watching every step as it unfolds. Can’t wait to see the After After pictures!

  5. nancy says

    hey AM, everything looks SUPER! I think you should keep the furniture black–it’ll be a nice contrast. you don’t want the room to look too washed out, right? plus based on my experience, it’ll hold up better with little ones and won’t look like it’s in need of a cleaning.

    question–i noticed that you dont have any hardware on your kitchen drawers? is that for safety reasons for the kiddos?

  6. AshleyD says

    It all looks so great! And am I the only one thinking that the end tables should be the same color as the blogging stool??

  7. says

    Ashely D – you are fun! I like you. Ann- my vote is to paint the tables too. I know you totally wanted another painting project. You will be happy you did in the end, right?Can’t wait to see them. xoxo

  8. says

    Lookin’ good! Can’t wait to see more afters, but I know it takes time with three little kids to take care of! I’m going to remember Sharkey Gray for our next house!

  9. says

    Looks great!! I am thinking about painting our walls grey too – yours look amazing! I love the color of the blogging stool too!!

  10. says

    It’s looking beautiful … after you are done, how about you and your hubby come over and work on our house? My husband and I will babysit your kids for free (for the next 10 years) in exchange for your labor and know-how .. I really have no idea how you get all this done with three kids. Amazing! You should be very proud.

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