The Not Enough Bug


What is it about us women (or men too, maybe) that makes us constantly feel as if we are not enough? We aren’t doing enough. We are behind on everything, we need to do this that and the other. We are never done. No excuses.

I am doing a lot, you’re probably doing a lot. Why don’t we give ourselves credit?

This is a tiring job.

And we are enough.

We are doing an okay job.

Even if you fall asleep at 8:30 pm, haven’t taken a shower today, didn’t change anyone out of pajamas, or the only real accomplishment of the day is jumping into leaves.


I loved this post from my friend Ashley at The Handmade Home on being “enough”.

Take the time to read it, tell yourself to slow down. (maybe I need to take another look..)

You are enough. :)


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    We all need a reminder of this almost every day don’t we? I sure did today. Yesterday was a very productive and balanced day for me. I love those days and feel good about myself. Today I wrote a blog post {they’ve been few & far between these days…for many reasons} and I felt exhausted. It took way too long to write the post and I felt guilty I didn’t spend more time being productive around the house. I so needed to read this post today. This photo is priceless and I’m impressed with all you said in the small amount of words you used. I vow to give myself a break and remember I am enough. Thank you for this reminder, Ann Marie. I’m so grateful to get to know you on Instagram. I really appreciate your comment today about my post. Thank you for being a light to others. :D Hugs, Shan from Family Brings Joy {aka @familybringsjoy}

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