They Make Our Kitchen Look New

I have no words. These wood floors make me happy.



Just kidding. ;)  I’m Italian, I always have words! Do you love it?!

I need to touch up the cabinets and have a few other ideas to freshen up the space. I also conned Doug into starting another huge project before we start adding trim, any guesses?

One more beauty shot. Ignore the glimpse of the “realities of renovation,” aka a pile of stuff that doesn’t belong in my dining room. Go go photo editing blur magic!


And I know you want a before and after, so are you ready?

image IMG_6698 

and even more way back (and gross)


I can’t stop saying it, but I love ‘em!


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    Love seeing this transformation! We have a future dream of wood floors in our kitchen too, so it is nice to see what it could look like! What I love about the direction of the wood planks is that they make your kitchen look much wider in the “after” shot! Congrats on the new floors!

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      I didn’t even notice that about the wood planks, I’m glad you pointed it out. It really does make the space look larger! Fingers crossed that you get your floors soon, I’ve been dreaming of these for two and a half years, haha. Thanks, Laura! :)

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        2.5 years isn’t that long to wait: we bought our “new” house almost 5 yrs ago already. It was only 1 yr old, yet the original existing owners had just trashed the entire house. We knew that if we bought it, we would buy it – in our own minds – as a fixer-upper. So we’ve had to start slowly w/ almost every aspect of this house. Truly a long-term project. My husband who is the cook in our house has big dreams for “his” kitchen redo. Someday… someday! ;)

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    I can see why!! I love the look of your white kitchen. I am trying to convince my husband that is the way to go when we build our new house. I love the cottage-y look, and he loves the new look. So we’ll have to see who wins! I just love the improvement on yours! Excellent!!

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    Wow wow wow! What an amazing transformation, way to go!

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    I LOVE it!!! You guys worked HARD!!! We are going to redo our kitchen shortly and as much as I’m looking forward to the outcome, I’m not so much looking forward to all the work! You’ve inspired me!!

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    Ann, I love the floors!!!! I can’t wait to see them for real. I am hoping we will be out that way next week. Tell Doug he did a great job!

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