Tips for Mixing Colors, Patterns, and Textures

When redecorating a room or giving it a new look, one of the toughest parts is deciding how to mix materials, patterns, and colors. It can be especially difficult if you are indecisive and like to switch out pieces with the seasons or as your tastes change! Tips for mixing color prints, and texture in a room! #TargetStyle

My main goal is to keep a budget in mind, but have fun with my décor and add big pops of color and texture. I keep the big things neutral, but small items can be switched out as the seasons change.


Here are some tips:

Think of your big, essential pieces (think: more expensive) as the anchors for the room and keep them neutral. Some examples include sofa, chairs, rug, and other furniture like side tables.

When the foundation is laid, you can tackle the fun part: accessories! First, choose a few key pieces that you won’t have to switch out often. These can include:

  • fun, but neutral rugs
  • lamp bases
  • accent tables
  • baskets

And then throw a few fun things into the mix!

  • throw pillows
  • lamp shades
  • throw blankets
  • Tips for mixing color prints, and texture in a room! #TargetStyle

When mixing patterns and colors, I like to keep to three to four main accent colors.

In the above picture, you have gray, red, and yellow. Some may be used more than others (like the gray), but if I ever want a new look, I can easily switch one of them out! I also like adding a pillow with a LOT of colors so I can easily pick one of those as an accent in the future.

I got bored of red and now I want blue! ;) Tips for mixing color prints, and texture in a room! #TargetStyle

See how easy that was?! I bought a new pillow and a vase and moved the red stuff into another room and now it gives a whole new look.

For some guidelines to mix patterns and textures, think of opposites!

  • bold geometrics with the more solid geometrics
  • busy patterns on a pillow with an understated pattern or texture on another
  • soft items with heavy, or rough textures
  • smooth, delicate textures (glass lamp base and the mirror) with rough, industrial (wooden crate)


What is your favorite way to mix patterns and textures in a room?


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  1. says

    Great advice! We are moving into our new house this weekend and I am trying to find all the decorating tips I can find. Right now I have dark olive couches and medium wood toned furniture. I think I will try popping different colors into my spaces like TERRACOTTA, golden yellows, and navys. What do you think?

  2. says

    Love it all! Mixing pattern and texture is so fun. I have that mirror! Threshold has so much I want!! In love with that crate & diDn’t notice it when I was at target yesterday. I have my eye on Drapes for The front entryway. Hoping they go On sale/clearance.

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