Very Hungry Caterpillar Upcycled Wall Art

Do you have a hard time getting rid of books once they’re damaged?

While I’d like to consider myself detached (40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS has helped a lot with that!), books hold a sentimental place in my heart. Many of the books I’ve bought were from garage sales, and many of them were books I enjoyed as a kid.

I love The Very Hungry Caterpillar, my kids love it, and we’ve spent many a bedtime reading it. We have two copies, one of which was very tattered looking. As I flipped through the pages for one last time before tossing it, I realized that the colorful artwork would look great as artwork in our colorful kids’ room.


The dotted illustration only covers the bottom half of the page, so I would need to edit it a bit for the artwork to fill in my frame.


Materials Needed:

an old damaged book,
an X-ACTO knife, tape or glue stick, and
a picture frame




1. Hold page up to mat to get an idea of what will show.
2. Use an x-acto knife to cut page out of book and to size; you’ll have one big piece that fills most of the mat and a smaller piece.
3. Cut the smaller extra piece into two, cut around circles.
4. Place the pieces together, like a puzzle, to continue the design. Adhere with tape or glue.


The frames are IKEA RIBBA which I spray painted a spring green.

(Note: since this project has been posted, they changed the material of the frames. I don’t recommend painting them any more, it might not adhere!)

Also in the front and back of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, there’s a page (full pages – so no cutting) with colorful shapes and holes cut out, almost like the reverse of the dot pages. Reminds me of swiss cheese!

IMG_6083 IMG_6082

Before I added this artwork, the frames held pages from an old Little Golden Book. I love the artwork in children’s books and love repurposing them into artwork!


  1. says

    They look great! I’m so glad you posted this, we have some books that are “on their way out” that I’m so glad I can reuse rather than toss! I hate the thought of throwing a book away, maybe that’s why we have so many books. :)

  2. says

    Love it! I am not detached from things! So sad, but true. It is hard for me throw things out, but I do it all of the time. Books, especially books I have read with my children are keepers. Love the way you upcycled a book. The art is gorgeous. What’s that? Oh, that is the sound of a PIN!

  3. says

    That’s awesome! I was thinking “there’s no way this only took 15 minutes…” when I looked at the picture over on CCC, but this is awesome! Do you have any suggestions for a hardcover book cover? I’ve got a “Green Eggs and Ham” that’s missing its innards….

    • says

      Thank you! :) Hmmm, maybe cut the front from the rest and hot glue it to a canvas or picture frame for easy hanging?

      I’m glad you asked! I ripped out the inside of an ABC book for another project (again, damaged and a politically incorrect illustration – I is for Indian, ahem!?), and have been saving it for the last two years! I will have to do something with this…

      • Jovana Feli says

        You are amazing, I had considered my self very creative all my like but you sure bit my creativity. I can even make my own canvas!! Someone is very excited…. lol

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