When to Pick the Rhubarb?

Simple post, simple question…

Remember when you identified the rhubarb growing in my hard back in this post back in March?


I found out from the previous owner that the rhubarb plants growing in randomly chosen places throughout my yard are over 50 years old and were there way before they bought the house! Very cool…


Well, when do I pick these bad boys? This is the one in my front yard, the ones in the back aren’t NEARLY this big. I’ll let them grow till they get like this, but I don’t want to miss out on using this one.


Expert gardeners, when do I get to pick and enjoy this rhubarb? Thanks in advance! :)


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    Rhubarb is marvelous stuff! Cut the red stalks as close to the ground as you can and leave the green stalks alone (unless you want tart, bitter and tough pieces in whatever it is you're cooking!). If you do this before it first goes to seed, you'll have two or three (maybe more) cuttings all year. It makes great jam, especially mixed with sweeter fruit to offset the tartness. My favorite is strawberry rhubarb pie. Good luck!

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    Ditto to the slim red stalks. You don't want to try to eat woody rhubarb. Not that awesome!Here from FFF. Following your blog, hope you will follow mine!xo Erin

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