Yoga Cutoff Shorts

I’ve got good news and bad news.

Good news: After having Adam, I lost a lot of weight and went from a 10 to a 4/5.
Bad news: I have no shorts that fit.
Good news: I have no shorts that fit and I need to go shopping.

I do have a lot of yoga capris, which now look like weird baggy gauchos on me. Why not make some yoga shorts? I grabbed some fabric scissors, eyeballed it, and cut them into shorts. I cut the hemmed bottoms off and saved ‘em to make headbands.


The bagginess works perfectly with shorts. If they were the right size, they’d be like hot pants booty shorts and I’m not about to get weird looks at the park or get posted on People of Walmart or something.

You couuuuld measure and sew the edges, and maybe I’ll do that at a later date. But the idea of making shorts in a few seconds greatly outweighed any unevenness. ;)


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    I cannot believe I’ve never thought of this before. I totally know what you mean about the yoga capris hanging so weirdly. I’m definitely going to do this. Thanks for the tip and congrats on your weight loss, that’s awesome!!

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    So comfy! I use the cut off leg portion under my t-shirts to prevent gapping in the back when I bend over and to add length to my t-shirts. I’m terrible at losing the baby-weight and right now am carrying it from all three babies… :( What did you do? You look great!

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