Mom Cave Makeover Reveal

bright, colorful, and happy #MomCave #before and #after with #LaZBoy and

Are you ready for my mom cave reveal? You are not going to believe this after. Does that even look like it could be a room in my house?! When I first talked about creating my mom cave, I thought it would be fun to have its own little corner in my family room. But as I tried to work amongst the chaos, it just wasn’t happening. I decided to take over and transform our rarely-used living ...

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We Painted Our Trim White


There’s a project I’ve been wanting to tackle for the three years that we’ve lived here, and it’s finally done. Well, almost. Two weeks ago we dove into the project and didn’t look back. We primed all of the trim in the living room, dining room, and hallway (here’s a house tour with the rooms). It took a whole week. This past weekend we gave the trim the first coat of paint (Valspar Bistro ...

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Spice up Your Home with World Market!


I have been wanting to create a photo wall in our home for a while, but have been lacking inspiration. Bland frames, bland colors, all from a garage sale, none I truly love, and a whole lot of blah. This space when you first enter our home was equally bland, and I needed to create an impression. I wanted to spice up my home a bit so I headed to World Market last weekend to check out their new ...

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Two Big Projects – Finished!


I’ve had two projects done since Tuesday and I haven’t posted in all that time because it’s the only project on my brain. I couldn’t wait to finish. I can’t wait to show you. No wait, make that I CANT WAIT TO SHOW YOU!!!!!! These are two projects I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. Two things that have taken me a long time. Both things inexpensive and both things making a huge impact in ...

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Milk Cap Glitter Spiders


I love these little spiders, they make me happy inside. I don’t typically do Halloween decor. I’m lucky to get fall stuff up and blogged. Cause every year it’s the same craziness: you have fall décor that goes up when it’s still hot out. Then you put up some Halloween, and BAM, BIG HOLIDAY! Then you take it down and put up some more fall, then BAM, another BIG HOLIDAY! Then it’s Christmas. BAM ...

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1st Annual Fall Beer Tasting Party


We don’t get to see family as much as I’d like, so I needed an excuse. I thought it would be fun to throw a fall beer tasting party. Make it an annual tradition. For the party, I wanted to create a tablesetting that was fun, warm, and inviting, but not too formal. Pretty for the girls, but not too pretty that we’d scare the guys away. ;) I went to World Market for the supplies for our ...

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Instagram Photo Coasters


Hey guys, I’m going to be on the latest season of “So You Think You’re Crafty”! You can head over and vote for me for this week’s challenge, “Stashbusting”, aka using up supplies you already own so your friends don’t nominate you for an episode of Hoarders. ;) Today, I’m sharing a tutorial for the Instagram Photo Coasters that I submitted for the audition round of SYTYC. They were easy to do, ...

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Chalk Painted Stripe Pillow


  Here's the story: I had two cream pillows I had bought from a garage sale for $1 each. They were nice. But kids + cream pillows = homeless chic. And I needed color in my new family room, so why not give them a little bit of happy?   I applied some painter's tape to the pillow. Working with an already made pillow instead of fabric added a nice bowed touch to the ...

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Antique Desk Put to Work


In local desk news, an antique variety has been my saving grace the last two weeks. I finally have a spot! It was Doug’s grandma’s desk growing up. She gave it to my mother-in-law, who gave it to us. It fits perfectly next to the fridge, it isn’t too deep, it doesn’t have a lot of storage, which is perfect. I can’t have a desk that has a lot of space. I have trouble with restraint. And stuffing ...

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My Grandma’s Milking Stool


It will be 10 years this November since my grandma passed away. I remember the day she asked me to come close and told me to go find something to keep. To remember her by. She had lung cancer. Some days were good, some days were really bad. This was during a good time. I was seventeen, and my naïve brain didn’t want to accept the fact that one day, she wouldn’t be here. I told her no and ...

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