Designing My Mom Cave Corner


I have always wanted a little spot to call my own, a “mom cave” if you will. But with a small house and three young children that need me close by, it’s hard to carve out a space that is all my own. Recently, I asked on our facebook page what you’d have in your mom cave and I loved the ideas! That’s it, I need my own spot. I find myself migrating between two spots – one where I work, one where I ...

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Ombre Nail Craft Fail


Everyone loves a good fail, right? Have you ever tried something on Pinterest only to find that either you stink, or it wasn’t as “easy” as the person suggested? This one was totally on me. Here’s my take on the GORGEOUS ombre nails from The Beauty Department. And while my nails aren’t the prettiest, I think my problem was that the gray tones I chose made my nails look decrepit or fungusy when ...

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