Distressed White Furniture: Part I


Notice that piece of furniture? If you’re closely related to me, you might remember it.

Saturday night, I could NOT fall asleep. I was up from 9 pm to 2 am with a cloud of ideas swirling around in my head (I wrote about some of it here). Blame it on the coffee I had earlier, the heartburn and nausea I was feeling, my spring fever, or nesting. I thought about what I want to do about our bedroom, our garden and patio, our side entrance and how to jazz it up, even cutting into our floor to make our entryway bigger (?!?). I flipped through some Ballard & PB catalogs and back issues of BHG, and sketched some ideas.

I had mentioned in this post painting the hutch, corner cabinet, and table in my dining room black. Here they are:

IMG_0275 IMG_0276


Thinking about the colors in our bedroom and how all the dark wood made our room look small, it dawned on me. Three large pieces of black furniture will make my DINING ROOM look small as well! ARGH! Looking through catalogs, I realized that a TON of the furniture was distressed and white.


Why not try it in the dining room and see how I like it? If it works for the dining room, maybe it’ll work for the bedroom!

On Sunday, we went to Lowe’s, picked up some paint and glaze, and the three of us set to work:








IMG_0571 painting…


waiting on a second coat…


and the next day…


finished brass knobs, hinges, and screws


Haven’t gotten to the table or the distressing yet, still needs doors and hardware, buuuut, VOILA!

IMG_0591 IMG_0592IMG_0593

This one looks naked with no doors or shelves, but still!


Some close-ups:


You can kinda see how the distressing will look, since we tried not to paint the lines:



The color is Valspar’s Quail Egg and I looooove the creamy color!

One last look at before and after:

IMG_0275 IMG_0591


Want to see the finished result? Here’s part two.

But the room is COMPLETELY different now, check out what our dining room looks like now in 2013


  1. Anonymous says

    I am a huge fan of the distressed look so of course I love what you did. My husband is a dark wood person and I am a light. We have slowly gotten rid of the furniture he had before he met me that was all dark wood and have bought lighter wood furniture. He is always amazed how much bigger a room looks when it is full of light furniture and not dark. It looks great and you guys are doing such a wonderful job! Amy Pater

  2. Bonnie @ House of Grace says

    WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!! It looks AMAZING!!!!!! WAY BETTER THAN BLACK, i can't believe i just said that!It totally makes the room bigger, cleaner, newer, fresher, updated and stylish!!!!Great JOB and nice SECRET!!!You guys have been working hard over!!!I can't wait ti see the finished project, so exciting!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!Bonnie ;)

  3. Bonnie @ House of Grace says

    I also forgot to add, I love how it matches the cabinets!!!!!!Great THINKING ANN! I think you need to drink more coffee, lol! JK (it's not good for you)

  4. Kirsty says

    I am so glad you did white! It looks soooo fabulous. Seriously. I am loving it. I love black furniture, but white sure makes things bright! Good choice.

  5. Shelbie says

    Your hutch looks so cute! I was happy to see you chose white. It looks so fresh and inviting! I was reading your post about not being able to sleep. I am the same way. Why does that happen?? I will designate time to work on a room and I won't get anything done because I'm stumped, then I lay down for bed and a flood of ideas come rushing in and it keeps me up! Thats when the best ideas come! haha its good to see it happens to other people too. Good job on the hutch!

  6. Jessi @ Yankee Belle Home says

    What a gorgeous transformation! And I love all of the glass jars. I think I must try this…it would help get some stuff out of out tiny pantry. Where did you find your jars?

  7. AM from White House, Black Shutters says

    Aww, thank you for all your sweet comments and for stopping by my little ol' blog! I can't wait to dig in and check out your blogs, if I haven't already, during the next nap time that rolls around! ;)Jessica and Jessi – I got ALL of those jars for $15 at a garage sale! It was a steal! I was excited to see that the bottoms said "IKEA," but IKEA no longer sells them. :( I'm on the hunt for more to fill up the top and I will let you know when I find them! If YOU see them, let me know! PLEASE!Shelbie – It's good to hear someone else with the same issue! You're right, those ideas are the best, but why won't they come to us during the day?!? Thanks for stopping by! :)

  8. Stephanie says

    Oh, they look great! Love them both!!Thanks for the nice comments on my corner piece too!Can't wait to see yours all done! : )

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