WiFi Password Art

Last February, we did a photo shoot with our mom cave and one of the first things the crew did when setting up was to ask for our wifi password. It was at that point that I had to sneak into the other room, crawl onto the floor, dig out the router from behind the couch, and scribble the key down on a piece of paper. Embarrassing!

Like your friends and family? Want to be a good host?

Many people have smart phones these days, help ’em out and have your network key (aka password) handy in a piece of artwork you can just point to.

like your friends and guests? take your WiFi password and keep it close at hand with DIY art!

Materials Needed:

  • canvas, piece of wood, or white MDF (Mine is an MDF artist board from a kids’ art line at Target)
  • stencils or cut vinyl numbers
  • pouncer sponge and/or brush
  • craft paint
  • your wireless network’s password (look for a sticker on the side of your box)

How to Make It:

This was pretty darn simple and, if you have the supplies on hand, free.

Get your wireless network password and practice writing it down in different ways/layouts, depending on what size board you have. Arrange your stencils how you want ’em, and paint!

like your friends and guests? take your WiFi password and keep it close at hand with DIY art!

I used a pack of oilboard stencils in a Helvetica font that I had found at a craft store, similar to these. After stenciling, I used a thin brush to fill in the stencil lines and brush over the number. I mixed a few colors of craft paint as I went, blending the colors. When dry, I lightly sanded the piece. It’s imperfect, but so is the rest of our home. :)

And now I have a reminder close at hand to tell our guests “hey, if you want to jump on the wifi, there’s the password” and I can just point to the piece.

like your friends and guests? take your WiFi password and keep it close at hand with DIY art!

No more climbing under the couch and getting yourself dusty, no more memorizing weird number and letter combos, no more slow smart phones. :)


    • Iain Henderson says

      What a terrible idea… or predominately so.
      There are a few things you could consider doing instead:
      1. Don’t have a password. This blog convers that:
      This especially applies to the WEP password you are using. It isn’t secure and it isn’t securing your network, it does hassle your guests, so there is that. Is that a plus?

      2. Change your password to something pleasant and memorable that is particularly pertinent to you (NOT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER Mrs. “Please, Take My Identity”)
      Perhaps a line from your favorite poem. Frame that. You’ll have to explain that as much as the random string of characters AND it will be easier for you to remember and your guests to type. There are very few restrictions on a WPA2 password (when you set it, change the setting from WEP to WPA2, WEP is very limited in both length and content). Not sure how to do this? Call your internet service provider and ask them. They will walk you through the process and probably be glad that your are actually securing your network. Just remember the magic words are, “I want to change my wifi password and change it from WEP to WPA2”.

  1. says

    What a great idea. I am always asking people what their wifi password is in their house. Everyone should have a piece of art with the password. Most people wouldn’t even know what it meant. Such a fun idea. No one visits me so I can’t use the idea unfortunately. I would love it if you would link this up to my link party going on now.


  2. says

    ha–fun idea! our password is words, not numbers; we might get some funny looks if we did this….but that might make it more fun :)

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