Addicted to Exclamation Points


I think I have a problem. Or I guess that should say, I think I have a problem! I think I have a problem!!!

Oh you didn’t get the memo? !!! means I’m really excited or something is urgent, ! means I’m angry or being a b, and a . means I’m reading it in a voice that resembles that of Ben Stein. Anyone? Anyone?

I don’t know when it happened, but I’ve become dependent on the exclamation point. My texts have gone from reading “You should come with us on Sunday.” to “You should come with us on Sunday!!!” I have to edit the crap out of whatever I type so I don’t sound like a hyperactive squirrel freaking out at each sentence that I encounter. NUTS! TREE! WORDS AND SENTENCES! GAH!!!!

I recently found another person who abused the exclamatory sentence as much as I did and it was only then that I realized I had a problem. I think it’s safe to say you have a problem if:

-every sentence ends with an exclamation point
-you’re not as excited as it seems, the topic is not something to get excited about (i.e. the DMV)
-you’re exhausted reading back what you had said
-anything with a period now is said in a boring voice

Not exhausted? Trying reading back your typing as if you were yelling each sentence excitedly. Then try reading some periods. It’s weird.  It’s weird!

We went to the doctor’s office today! haha it went okay, I was pretty happy about the results! ;) He said that I have some rare flu!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?

read that and then read this

We went to the doctor’s office today. It went okay. I was pretty happy about the results. He said that I have some rare flu. Can you believe that?

Whew! Tired from yelling so much, and then bored out of my mind. I think if you picture exclamation points as “LOUD NOISES!” then maybe you won’t use them as much?

I still use them here or there, but I try and restrain myself slightly. It still feels weird, and I still picture myself in a Ben Stein voice, but I am getting better. Sometimes I’ll end it with a smiley face, sometimes no punctuation. Oh smiley faces and lol’s and haha’s. I don’t ever think I could quit you.


So let’s get it out. What punctuation or terms do you overuse online?

Are you trying to fix it? Do you even care?



special thanks to Craft Snark for inspiring this post.
!!!!!!! :)


  1. says

    I have a problem with…the 3 dots. I don’ know why but i always use them… even when a sentence should just end with 1. I’m like you, constantly editing because of them.

  2. says

    Ohmygosh too funny!!!!! I use them a lot too!!!! :)
    For real though, I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one who overuses all of these things.(!) And now that there are emojis and I can replace words with ridiculous little faces and graphics?!? I think exclamation points may be the least of my problems :)

  3. says

    Hahaha I do this too! <- see? I actually reread all text messages before sending them and if every sentence ends in an exclamation point, then I find the least exciting one and turn it into a period. My new thing? The ellipsis. I use it for everything. Seriously…

  4. AshleyD says

    You came to this conclusion after talking to me, right? I am really working on this problem. After, I too, noticed someone was using ! exclusively. But life is so much more exciting this way ! !!! :)Don’t you think?! You know you do. . .

  5. Beth says

    I use the dots… or the exclamation point! all the time. To cut back, I know just end with no punctuation and let the reader come to whatever conclusion they want about my statement.

  6. says

    Enter my twitter profile! We should start a club!

  7. says

    I am addicted to exclamation points too! :) And smileys and these haha’s and hehe’s. And I use exclamation points a lot too when I text! :D It’s something that adds more feelings to your messages. You’re right, it is boring when you you simply use dots. I don’t edit the exclamation points. Except it it’s too much. haha! :D And the ellipses for thinking too. But Sometimes I only use 2 dots. So technically, they’re not ellipses. :)) And when I don’t know what to say, well, there’s always just !!! and I guess the person I’m talking to gets the picture. :D

  8. says

    I totally over use the exclamation point too!!!
    I really do get excited and mainly use it to emphasize the excitement!!
    I seriously would feel like Ben Stein if I left them off.
    I’ll work on it…. :)
    I kind of use smily faces a lot too :)

    PS Thank you for the huge camera Give Away!!!

  9. says

    Um. Guilty of exclamation point use. I ALWAYS edit and I STILL have too many! <— See? I can't resist! <— See? There it is again! <— And again! (This won't stop…)

  10. says

    sometimes you read something at just the right time. this is one of those readings. i have been driving myself crazy with my over-usages of exclamation points too! (i think that one fits). but as i am writing, i think they all fit. then, usually, after my writing has been posted or the email sent, i read it back and i sound entirely too much like a over-caffeinated/loud/crazy/over-zealous/excited person that, in real life, i am not. in the real world every time i say something it’s usually followed by “what?” because i have a quiet voice. i am someone people describe as easy going. maybe it’s my alter-ego that types these !!!’s? but it is actually something i am working on. i am also an avid elipsis user, but that suits me better and i am just not ready to let go of that one . . . yet . but in an effort to add a little more to my bag of tricks i am trying to incorporate more dashes – dashes are fun too.

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