Top 12 Posts and Projects of 2012


Well hello, 2013! How’s a bout a recap of the last year here at white house black shutters? I think we grew a lot and had some awesome stuff happening around here last year. Here are the best of the best, decided by your clicks and views and me being a bossy pants and picking some for you. twelve: The first project combined painters tape with finger painting to make this artwork that … [Read more...]

Two Big Projects – Finished!


I’ve had two projects done since Tuesday and I haven’t posted in all that time because it’s the only project on my brain. I couldn’t wait to finish. I can’t wait to show you. No wait, make that I CANT WAIT TO SHOW YOU!!!!!! These are two projects I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. Two things that have taken me a long time. Both things inexpensive and both things making a huge impact in … [Read more...]

How To Spray Paint a Lamp


One of my favorite things to spray paint are lamps. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to an otherwise boring, normal lamp! Or maybe I like them because I get to throw out Anchorman quotes in my blog post? But you can’t just start spraying, there’s some prep work involved in painting a lamp. You don’t want to ruin the electrical parts or get things sloppy, and you want it to work. I put … [Read more...]

Garden Inspired Centerpieces


I am love with flowers and firmly believe that when it comes to your wedding, you should not overlook them. But instead of insisting on roses and other expensive flowers, mix it up, and don’t be afraid to use garden clippings, or even weeds and dirt in your centerpieces! You’ll be surprised at the look you create and even more surprised when it costs you next to nothing. Think I’m crazy? Keep … [Read more...]

Hot Glue Icicle Ornaments

Inspired by the look of these vintage icicles that were on my parents’ tree (and now ours), I wanted to make a ton of icicles for our tree! To make the icicles, take an ornament hook, straighten it out, make a little loop, and hang them on some string Take your hot glue gun and glue away, letting the glue drip as it wants to to create more natural looking icicles. After they dry, … [Read more...]

Repurposed Melissa & Doug Puzzle Trays

I love Melissa & Doug toys, don’t you? I guess my kids think they’re okay, but I LOVE them.Something about the wooden-ness of the toys, it brings back a nostalgic feeling similar to the one I get from Lincoln Logs. That and the fact that I ALWAYS find them at garage sales! I think I’ve bought one or two brand new, of course those are the one or two that are now chewed up, gross, and missing … [Read more...]

Foxy Box Fan Revamp

I’m getting more daring with color, project by project. I’ve always said I like neutrals with a pop of color, but the pop you get from orange spray paint is a new adventure for me! For this box fan, a $5 garage sale find, we were looking for function over form. I promise you I’ve cleaned this fan in the past, but it was way over due. This is all the baked on dirty, greasy … [Read more...]

Books on a Shelf, Books on a Shelf

(sung to the tune of “Pants on the Ground”)I was waiting to post until the project was completed, but if you like our facebook page I did give you a preview a week ago… But wouldn’t you know it, it’s still not finished so I might as well share with you too… okay! I’m stopping myself there! No more pictures or details until it’s done! ;) thanks for reading our feed, please stop by the house for a … [Read more...]

Kids’ Room Preview and Fail

The kids are still sleeping in our room, but the painting on the bookshelf is done! Here’s a preview of how things are shaping up: I successfully used wood filler for the first time EVER on this side. Since we are using the bottom two shelves as a bookshelf, I have no plans to move the shelves around in the future and I filled some of the holes so they wouldn’t be in sight. So here they are: … [Read more...]

Favorite IKEA Things

IKEA makes it tough to pick favorites, seriously, their whole store is my favorite. But if I had to pick, here are some things that I actually have and use in my every day life. I’m sure I could think of about a dozen more, but I tried to condense. ;)   LENDA curtains, 2 panels for $19.99 I’m kinda sad that they raised the price from $14.99, but these are still a cheap option for curtains. … [Read more...]