Happy News


Back in August we sold our home, in September we found a home, in October we said goodbye to our well-loved home and moved into our new favorite place. And since then we've been catching up on the chaos, stumbling over boxes and laundry, ignoring dust bunnies, and trying to find our new normal. News flash, still haven't found it. I'm guessing we are bound to a life of craziness. ;)  But … [Read more...]

Luke Thomas


On July 31st at 4:35 am, our son Luke Thomas was born. He was 8lbs, 13oz and 20 inches long at 41 weeks. He has the best cheeks ever and likes to be held. By me. :) He is healthy, I am healthy, and we're all a teensy bit smitten. Lily and Ben (4 and 3) are great helpers, they get little high pitched excited baby talk voices. The don't call him Luke, they call him "the new baby Luke". When Adam … [Read more...]

How to Take a Pregnancy Silhouette Photo (with your iPhone!)


I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant and have been wanting to recreate this picture (scroll down a bit) from Kelly Hicks Photography for a while now. Before whipping out my fancy camera, I thought I'd see if I could get a similar look with my iPhone. And sure enough! With a little bit of work, apps, and an iPhone camera (an outdated 4 at that ;)), this is what I got. Every week I post a bump shot, … [Read more...]

Picnic Date in the Park with My Mom


Many of my childhood memories are of going to the park with my mom. We would travel to parks in other towns and have a picnic lunch, bring our bikes and make a parade there, get ice cream, or go to a park near a pond and feed the fish. We’d drive across town and visit “the train park”, or to the “pirate ship park”, or even just a short walk to our neighborhood park with the really, really big … [Read more...]

Picking out a Christmas Tree


This weekend we drove out to our favorite farm and frolicked in the beautiful snow until we found the absolute perfect tree. It was like a scene out of a movie or postcard. Just kidding, we went to Lowes. ;) We got a Frasier fir, actually the first one we looked at! We did a fake tree our first two Christmases and while growing up. We tried out a real tree last year and loved it. The smell is … [Read more...]

On Balance and Space Boats


This past weekend, I attended a Bloggy Boot Camp in downtown Chicago. We heard from successful PR folks, learned about Google+, writing an ebook, getting on TV, all those big important blogging things that I want to do. But the topic I was looking forward to the most was the session on balance. Balance. Talk to anyone and it’s probably something they struggle with. Moms, students, women, men, … [Read more...]

Milk Cap Glitter Spiders


I love these little spiders, they make me happy inside. I don’t typically do Halloween decor. I’m lucky to get fall stuff up and blogged. Cause every year it’s the same craziness: you have fall décor that goes up when it’s still hot out. Then you put up some Halloween, and BAM, BIG HOLIDAY! Then you take it down and put up some more fall, then BAM, another BIG HOLIDAY! Then it’s Christmas. BAM … [Read more...]

Heading to the Pumpkin Patch


Yesterday we headed out to Goebbert’s Farm in nearby Hampshire, IL. It was last minute, Doug took out the garbage and realized how nice it was and suggested a trip out there.   There was plenty for the kids to do, from hay mazes and pig races, to the ride out to the pumpkin patch and petting a giraffe. My kids were most excited (and when I say excited, I mean really, really excited) about … [Read more...]

It’s Been One Week Since I wrote a Post


  last Tuesday, my mom had knee replacement surgery. The surgery went well, she’s in good spirits, but has a long recovery ahead of her. I’d love any extra prayers you can spare. :) My grandpa lives with my family, so Lily, Ben, Adam, and I headed to my parents’ house last Monday night where we stayed for the week. We watched a lot of the price is right, drank coffee, ate pepper and egg … [Read more...]

Wasting Our Saturday Away


Last Saturday started out productive. I was in the garden for a good 2-3 hours, Doug cut the grass, the kids got their naps in and then later played in the yard. And then we realized after we were exhausted by 1 pm, that it’s Saturday. What are we doing?! Let’s go have fun!             It was a blast. We let loose and actually enjoyed our … [Read more...]