How to Keep School Papers From Taking Over

How to keep the school papers from taking over! Tips and organizing tricks from a family of 7.

Since moving into our home 2 years ago, I've been using the same system for papers. It's simple and has really helped to keep the school papers from taking over. We currently have three children in school: 2nd grade, 1st grade, and preschool. This may not work for all ages or all kids, but I'm confident parts of our system will work for just about everyone. First, the basics: It's important to ...

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How to Keep Kids Clothes from Taking Over

This is great! 8 tips on how to keep the kids clothes from taking over

I've been asked many times for tips on kids clothes and how to keep them from taking over. We could always be better, but for the most part, we have things figured out. As our kids get older, things change, so you might find some of these tips better for kids under 5. The key is figuring out what works in your home and for your family. Once you do that, you'll have a system and the clothes will ...

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Tips for Decluttering Craft Supplies

Cute and SO easy to do. Paintable canvas letters!

Over the years I've decluttered my supplies many times. My interests have changed, projects have come and gone. However, I don't think I have been quite honest with myself when buying and storing supplies. Today I'll be sharing what tips helped me declutter, minimize, and better enjoy my time spent crafting. When I recently created my office space/craft room, I wanted a fresh slate. I'm really ...

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40 Bags in 40 Days Coloring Book Pages

Love adult coloring books? Get your 40 bags in 40 days coloring page printable.

Have you been bitten by the coloring book bug? I have! I asked an artist friend to create a coloring book printable for our 40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS challenge. How fun is this?  These were made by Lindsay, the artist behind Pen & Paint. Check out her beautiful work, we have many of her prints hanging throughout our home! I'd like this printable to be for subscribers of white house black ...

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40 Bags in 40 Days Decluttering Challenge

join the decluttering revolution! Challenge yourself to declutter 40 bags of items in 40 days. #40bagsin40days

Every year since 2011 I've done a project that has changed my life forever. Since then, thousands of people have joined in and changed their lives too. The project is called 40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS, and I'll explain how it can change your life too.   What is 40 Bags in 40 Days? 40 bags in 40 days is a forty day period in the spring (coinciding with the 40 days of Lent) where you ...

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Home Office Storage and Organization

office and craft room storage

This month, Michaels asked me and the other Michaels Makers to organize an area in our homes. Our office/craft area has long been a neglected work in progress, so first I decluttered the room, then added finishing touches that solved problems in the space. What do you think?! This room is a small office on our first floor, but we've been using it as a nursery since it is attached to our ...

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Donation Values Guide and Printable

You can deduct charitable donations from your taxable income? Use this handy printable to keep track of items as you donate them.

I'm super excited about this post even though it's talking about taxes. If you live in the US, our current tax code allows you to deduct charitable donations from your taxable income. When you are decluttering 40 bags in 40 days, (and throughout the year as well) donations can add up pretty quickly. But they're annoying to keep track of. I've created this printable donation values guide and a ...

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Stop Feeling Bad and Ditch These Things

stop feeling bad and ditch these things: a list of items to declutter (that you won't miss)

We all could stand to do some decluttering, even if you're the minimalist-iest minimalist that ever minimally lived.  Stop feeling bad about the mess in your home and get to work. Grab a box or garbage bag, walk around the house, and ditch these things taking up space in your life. Don't start now, start today. I promise you'll feel way better! Here is a short list of things to ...

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And Then I Just Went Nuts

stop feeling bad and ditch these things: a list of items to declutter (that you won't miss)

Lately I've been moving a bit slowly. I guess that's what happens when one is really pregnant, and I know it's a valid excuse (also works for all the ice cream I've been having). But still. I want to do more.Seeing all of you on your #40bagsin40days journeys, rocking it out, being awesome. It's so inspiring. It sounds like I'm being cheesy for the sake of social media and BLAH blah blah, but I'm ...

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12 Easy Organizing Tips for the New Year

12 easy organizing tips!

With the new year approaching, most of us are looking to be a better version of ourselves. And for many of us, we are also looking to be more organized. Here are 12 easy organizing tips for the new year and the last... well, it might just change your life. :) 1) Sort through the junk drawer Junk drawers are a necessity, but they need some help once in a while. Tip: Once they’re organized, ...

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