Color Outside the Lines Printable Coloring Page "Sometimes It's Good to Color Outside the Lines" free high res #printable #coloring page!

Round 2 of Creating with the Stars just let out and wah, wah wah. I didn’t make it through.

I know, right?! I’m BUMMED.

But holy cow, I am thrilled to have been chosen to compete in the first place! And to make it to Round 2! Here’s a pic of my project, a Puffy Painted Anthropologie Duvet Knock-off (tutorial to come shortly): puffy painted, no-sew Anthropologie duvet knockoff for 1/10 of the price!

But I did learn a big lesson.

I like fun things and bright colors and creative ideas.

But I often get nervous and stick with things that are safe. Whether it’s time, money, or nerves that scare me off, I don’t tackle a lot of ideas that I love.

I am proud because in the last two rounds I pushed myself to do something I had really wanted to do (building a table in a few hours?!) and something that was out of my comfort zone (puffy painting a duvet cover?!). It’s definitely inspired me to push the boundaries not just because I want to move on in a competition, but to do it because I want to do it. :)

If you take a look at our header image, you’ll see a tagline. The last part is really important to me: coloring outside the lines. This life is messy and complicated but I want to live it with a smile and an accepting heart. Embracing the messiness of life! With three kids (and one on the way) this house gets messy too, but when we’re having fun and enjoying the day, the laundry can wait.


I’ve made this idea into a printable coloring page, click here to print: Printable Coloring Page

or just click the image below to access and print it: "Sometimes It's Good to Color Outside the Lines" free high res #printable #coloring page!

The printable is high resolution (no blurriness), and has no watermark! It will print on a 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper.

Print it out and have your kids color it, or grab some crayons and color it yourself, then hang it as art. :)


Embrace the imperfect, live a messy life.

Color outside the lines!


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    I loved that duvet and voted for it! But sorry You’re out, I’m a new follower after finding u from the comp! AnY time I do a comp like that I never make it far, it’s like my natural ideas are way better than when I’m under pressure haha

  2. says

    i’m sorry you are out of the competition, but what an amazing opportunity to have been a part of it. And i’m so happy for you that you’ve grown and learned a lot from it. love that new tag line, too! :)

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