Colorful Striped Kids Art

These abstract paintings look like something I would buy, but I didn’t buy them. Nor did I lift a paintbrush.

I had a hard time titling this post, mostly because I didn’t want you to see the word “kid” and think that it was art that only a mom or grandma could love. But I have to give them credit!


My kids LOVE to paint. When I go to paint something, I usually hear “where’s my paint?” I’ll usually get out their color wonder stuff, watercolors, or convince them that they want crayons, and let them draw something on paper and that’s it.

But if I’m trying to inject color into my home and create pieces that speak to us, that we love, why not include them in the fun? Why not let them help me create artwork for our home?


Supplies Needed:

painters’ tape in varying widths (I used 1 1/2 inch and 1/2 inch)
paint (I use and prefer Martha Stewart craft paint!)
blank canvas
a kid (not pictured below)


First first, if you find your canvas at Goodwill, you might want to paint it white. These just weren’t my style. (Sorry, high school kid who painted them.) I gave ‘em a few coats of glossy white.


Next, tape off the edges of your canvas. I wanted a crisp look, almost like the artwork had a mat.


Next, add your stripes. You could have a specific pattern, or mix it up. I liked using tapes of different widths.


let your tape stripes sit on the outside tape instead of wrapping them, it was much easier to pull off


Here’s the key to making kids’ art fit your home: only give them colors that YOU want in a piece of art. They won’t mind, and your piece will look a little bit more refined and match your color scheme.


Next, let them paint. Don’t tell them what colors and where, let THEM do it! Trust me, trust them.

Use it as an exercise to color inside the lines for older kids, or just tell them to paint over them. Don’t worry about unpainted white space.



When they’re done, peel off the tape while the paint is still wet. Let dry.



I was thinking these would go in their room, but now I’m not so sure! I love how they look and want to show ‘em off in the rest of the house!


Nice job, kids! I’m gonna put you to work more often…

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Have you let your kids help with your décor?


  1. says

    I love the way they turned out. I think they should go in the living room. They are amazing! Kid work on canvas has long been on my list.

  2. says

    Love em! I love that you have to remind us all to let go of control and let the kids paint with the colors they want. ha! Thank you, I need that reminder sometimes :) My little one sees me creating all the time and “wants to be like mommy,” which translates to crayon iguana on the bathroom wall, colored pencil abstract over my bed, and playdough on the front door. I do not know how these things happen… I swear I supervise this child.

  3. says

    I LOVE doing canvases with kids – I’ve done them as preschool fundraisers for years. You lay out the steps in the tutorial really clearly, as well as how to give the kid total control while creating something that looks nice to grownups, too.

    This really communicates how easy and rewarding this project is!

  4. says

    They did a great job. What an awesome idea! I usually keep my children’s artwork on the refrigerator for a while and then it goes in the trash. Now your children will be very proud to have it displayed for a long time.

  5. AshleyD says

    Very cool! I need more wall space in my house! I think I am going to try this for kids room decor as well. Now off to GoodWill to find some canvas! :) Oh, and when I am painting outside, brush or spray, I give my kids a real paintbrush and a bucket of water. They “paint” on the concrete. I don’t have to clean up and they get to make a mess. Everyone is happy!

  6. Sue D. says

    This is such a great idea. Pretty sure the grandson need to make one for me (and maybe one for his mom). Thanks for sharing.

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