Floor Plan of Our Home

Many people have been asking for a floor plan to get an idea of the flow of our home, so I made a rough sketch of the first floor:


As you can see, we have two bedrooms and one bathroom. The previous owners also used the living room (which is open to the dining room) as a bedroom. The space is really well laid out and has a great flow to it, and you’d never guess that it’s only 1400 square feet. Well, maybe. Yeah, it actually does. ;)

There are two parts to our house: the old part built in 1937 and the new part built in the 70s.


The new part is where we did most of the remodeling (go figure –ha!). When we first moved in, we ripped out gross fake wood paneling and ceiling tiles add replaced it with drywall. Most recently, we took out the laminate tile’ and carpet and replaced it with wood flooring. The door off of the addition faces our driveway, while the other faces the street (and tall bushes), so we expanded the teensy stairway into a true foyer.




The old part is charming. Old, skinny wood floors, big thick wood trim, glass doorknobs, arches and built-ins and sigh! I love it. We replaced the windows, painted, and changed out the light fixtures, but that’s it!

Oh, I guess we did completely transform the kitchen for practically nothing. ;)


We need to finish the gross bathroom, and I am still on the fence about painting the trim white. I think it would brighten the space, make the floors stand out, and update it all. But then again, it’s a huge job.


The unfinished second floor of our home completely covers the old part of our home, with the spot over the living room for storage with its super short roof. One day, we’d like to finish it and add an extra bedroom and full bath, or maybe we’ll leave that up to the next owners? We’ll see. ;) It’s a really cool space, check out this post for more pictures of the space.


The same goes for our unfinished basement, it takes up the whole space of our old house. When we were house hunting, we saw some pretty gross basements on old and new houses. For being built in 1937, this basement is pretty awesome and not very creepy at all.


I’m in the process of updating our house tour, which was last updated a year and a half ago and doesn’t even look like our house! Once I have that posted, I’ll delete this sentence and you’ll see a fancy link right here. —->

Don’t see it? Well then you’ll just have to come back. :)

Have any questions? Leave them below in the comments!


  1. lori says

    Your home has a great layout!! It is beautiful! You guys have done an amazing job with your projects/renovations! And your floor plan drawing is very impressive–I think you have a backup profession in the works! ; )

    • says

      thanks, Lori! Haha, I did take a class in AutoCAD in college so maybe that helped? Definitely not something I’d want to do professionally, lol but thank you for the super sweet compliment. ;)

      Is it what you pictured? I am always curious about blogger home layouts, all we see are the flat pictures!

      • lori says

        Yeah, for the most part, it’s what I thought. But I wasn’t sure about your bedrooms and bath & hallway. Very nice layout! My friend has the same shape house, except her bedroom is where your kitchen is, and her kitchen is where your front bedroom is–makes it hard to expand out the back. For that reason, she does not have a family room or garage. : (

  2. says

    Pretty house! I was on the fence for a year and a half before I painted all the trim in my 1930′s bungalow. TONS of work but I’m so happy I did it. It really made my home look more modern and elegant. :)

    Good luck with your renos!

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