Green, Blue, and Vintage Summer Display


One thing that I really feel that I grasped from the 40 bags in 40 days experience was to keep what you LOVE, purge all the rest.

I don’t have a mantle, but I pretend this shelf hook combo I got back in the day is a mantle ($5 at a garage sale).


These candlesticks ($2 at a GS) have been black (meh), silver (meh), and I painted them the color of my failed lamps in order to a.) use up the can, b.) sell them in my garage sale. But guess what?


The fern I had gotten for free from a GS, the pot is from HomeGoods, and the metal votive holders are Goodwill (.99 each).


An old weathered crate, family pictures, and bunting. All things I love and make me happy. Everything was cheap.


On the other side of the foyer, I dressed up my small table.

Bunting, antique horse and buggy silhouettes, (again) my fave votive holders, black doors, a little girl who insisted on playing right there, an old fan, watering can, bird cage, and bucket.

All things that are unique and totally me.
(Including my daughter, haha)


All from garage sales, except the “Y” stick is from Lily, and the dishes in the mirror are from last night’s dinner. ;)


I *just* bought the watering can yesterday ($3!), the rest I’ve had (see this post for a pic of the bird cage back when it was brown).


Both Lily and the giraffe were trying to blow out my candles as I was taking all of these pictures. ;)


There you have my fun summer vignettes! I can’t guarantee that they won’t change near July, but I love how they brighten and cheer up our foyer.


For another look at our foyer, check out last year’s summer display!

Have you started decorating for summer?
(It is early, I’m sure this will get tweaked)
Link up your display, or last years’ in the comments!



Linking up to Layla’s mantle party… eventually ;)


  1. says

    Aw, I adore that fan! Officially am a fan of the fan:) And your birdcage, I'm still on the hunt for mine – one that doesn't offend a) my wallet or b) the sensibilities of my [very sensible] boyfiend!

  2. says

    love these pictures and what you did! I am inspired. I just bought a brass 'urn' type thing like the one in your photo, next to the old fan . . .how did you achieve that color?? I would love to replicate it.Thanks

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