Hi there!

I’m guessing you received one of these


and since you’re all high tech and cool, you scanned the robot code and it took you here. Let me introduce myself if I haven’t already.

I’m Ann Marie and this is my little spot of the web.

I created “white house black shutters” (or whbs if you see us on social media), as a journal to document the renovation of our 1937 home. It quickly became like the fridge where I hang up the stuff I’m proud of: creative projects, home renovation, tips and tricks that have simplified our life, and little happy bits I want to remember.

I’d love to get to know you.

I’m not just saying that.

I reallywant to get to know you. Come stalk me on social media and I’ll stalk ya right back. I hope that didn’t sound too creepy.

And then let’s color outside the lines a bit, embrace our imperfect life, and squeeze it with a big ol’ hug. :)

(and if I hugged you at SNAP and you’re not a hugging person, I am sorry)


  1. Anne Hallahan says

    Hi Ann! I enjoyed meeting you last night at Kristen’s and am loving your sight! Thanks for sharing and hope to see you soon!

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