Kids’ Room Preview and Fail

The kids are still sleeping in our room, but the painting on the bookshelf is done!

Here’s a preview of how things are shaping up:

2011-08-12 16.39.14

I successfully used wood filler for the first time EVER on this side. Since we are using the bottom two shelves as a bookshelf, I have no plans to move the shelves around in the future and I filled some of the holes so they wouldn’t be in sight.

So here they are:

LEFT: Top holes left open, bottom two rows filled, CORRECTLY

RIGHT: Bottom holes left open, top two rows filled, then top row dug out with a screwdriver


2011-08-12 16.39.14  2011-08-12 16.39.24

Unless you like slanty shelves? Then it’s not a fail at all, really.  :)

Here are some other previews of changes I made in the room. I love the neutral-neutral-neutral-white-brown color scheme we had in there for a nursery, but with the kids getting bigger I’d like it to be more of a FUN, colorful room.

I don’t know what the sleeping arrangements will be once the new baby arrives, so I’m updating by bringing in pops of color, while still keeping the basics neutral just in case.

2011-08-12 16.39.39

Behold. I found my new favorite spray paint color. If you’re on our facebook page then this is old news to you and I already told you the name of this color. ;)

If you’re curious, click on over

2011-08-12 16.40.00

Oh I can’t wait for the reveal, I have more I’m looking forward to showing you!

2011-08-12 16.43.25

For more pictures of the kids’ room and the bookshelf while it was unpainted,
please visit this post. It’s one of my favorite projects! :)


  1. says

    I love that spray paint color! Where did you get the neutral rug I see peaking in, in that one picture? I'm looking for a rug for Andrew's rooom.

  2. Ann Marie | white house, black shutters says

    Thanks, Laura. That's a great way to describe it! :)Leigh – Thanks! It was actually a piece leftover when Doug's parents carpeted a room, and we trimmed it until it was square. I have seen remnants at Lowe's in the back of the flooring department. Maybe try looking there? I've been lucky with garage sales, but it's so hard to find a good, inexpensive rug!

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