Why I’m Boycotting Spray Paint

I didn’t know how quite how to say this, but I’ve been thinking about it about lately and I need to get it off my chest.

I’ve decided I’m going to boycott spray paint.



Yep, you heard that right. I’ve loved using spray paint here or there for the last few years. It’s quick, simple, cheap, they have great colors, and I get an excuse to go outside in order to do it. One might say that I was addicted to it. Not the paint fumes, but the instant satisfaction of grabbing an item in my house, saying “oh I wish this was yellow”, running outside and making it yellow. I was always looking at what I could buy next so I could transform it.

Spray paint was like my magic wand. Poof, color! And if I didn’t like the color, all I had to do was wait a day and make that same thing a different color. So it’s really sad for me to have to say that I’m giving it up.


Why am I boycotting spray paint?


I knew you would ask, and this is really hard for me to admit. First of all, let me say that I am happy with my decision and won’t take it back. When I tell you, you’ll understand. But you might think I’m nuts.

We’re expecting number #4 and due at the end of July. And we couldn’t be happier. :)

I’m feeling good, baby is healthy, and we will find out the gender next month. Lily (almost 4) can’t stop talking about how we’re going to have “six people in our family!!!” (seven she sometimes says, if you include her teddy), Ben (2.5) asks me questions about the baby in my tummy, and Adam (1) doesn’t know what’s going on. But he LOVES looking at baby pictures. They’ll be 18 months apart.


For now I’ll be sticking to low/no VOC paint, craft paint, fabric, and mod podge – and challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to projects. And maybe conning Doug into spraying stuff for me when he gets home… ;)


This is my fake disclosure. I wish I could say this post was sponsored by the above pictured paint companies. This post was NOT sponsored by anyone except my husband who is working right now.


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    Congratulations….and I totally agree. ;) That being said….I kinda had a paint “bummer” this week. They were out of my chalkboard spray paint…so we bought the bush on kind. We used the exact roller that they suggested. My “chalkboard” is VERY grainy. Like as in….so grainy that it is a challenge to write on. Grrrr….
    Am I the only one dealing with this issue. lol!
    Thank you for letting me get this off my chest. I will put a check in the mail! lol! ;) ~k.

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      thank you, Kelli!!! :)

      I’ve never used the chalkboard spray paint, but I have had AWFUL luck with the brush on with glass, but okay luck with wood. I’ve heard it’s a good idea to sand whatever before you apply it, but haven’t yet tried that and I think that’s why I’ve failed. What material did you paint?

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    Congratulations! We just had our #4 a few months ago. You’re making a great decision. I just want to say that I absolutely love the disclosure part!

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    Congratulations! We just had our #4 a few months ago. You’re making a great decision. I just want to say that I absolutely love the disclosure part!

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      awww, congrats Kelly!!! How is it going out of the house? That’s the one thing that kinda sorta terrifies me… I keep thinking that I will not step foot in Target. :)

      I feel so blessed. I always wanted a larger family while growing up, my parents wanted one too but it didn’t happen, and I just am amazed that we have been so blessed. I’ll keep your comment in my pocket in case anyone has a comment. And LOL, I thought I took that out but now am glad it got posted.

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    Congrats!!! I have a 5 year old and can’t wait to have another one. I have to say, you’re a brave soul!! Yours are SO close in age!! My husband is the 11th of 12 children and they’re all that close as well. I tell my mother in law that she’s a saint. So, that being said, you’re on your way to sainthood!! I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing and good luck!!!

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    Congrats Anne Marie! What an excellent reason to boycott spray paint!! :) I will be praying for you! having that many little ones is such a blessing!

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    Congratulations! Super happy for you guys! And a little jealous. My husband feels we should be ‘done’ having kids after the 3 we have. Sigh! Great reason to stay away from spray paint!

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    I may have a solution for you…win/win? Did you know that Krylon makes a line of Low VOC/Latex spray paints?! Yep…it’s true! Nope, I have no ties to them whatsoever…other than the fact that, like you, I’m a home blogger and a Low VOC lover! Kudos to you, girlfriend! Nice to meet you!

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    Very creative post! But, tell me, is there anything NOT creative about you. I’m thinking not. You are awesome, not crazy. Children are a Blessing from the Lord.

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    Congrats!!!! That is so exciting! It was hard not using any spray paint during my last pregnancy and my husband wouldn’t paint things for me because he hates how I ‘ruin’ (in his words) things by spray painting them. I had to explain to him that some things look better with color and spray paint is my BFF!! I also had to laugh at your disclosure – I think a lot of mine should have that at the bottom LOL!

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    Congrats on the new baby! I use spray paint a little here and there, but what I really love is my HLVP paint sprayer! It attaches to my air compressor and uses regular liquid paint. It’s taken a little while to figure out the right water to paint ratio, but I think I finally got it right! So, while it may take maybe 5 more minutes of prep, I think it’s a fabulous alternative to spry paint. Oh, and I just bought the cheap one from Home Depot, I think it was about $50. Good luck sticking to your boycott!

    Nikki Kelly

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