Zucchini and Spinach Saute

Zucchini intimidates me, there’s too much you can do with it. Kinda like spinach. I better get over that because I have about 10 zucchini plants in the garden that are full of flower and ready to burst.

Lately we’ve been eating a lot of zucchini and spinach. Why, you ask? Because they taste like nothing. Spinach has a hint of a taste, while zucchini really tastes like nothing to me. It’s like you’re eating that had the taste zapped out of it, it’s purely a texture. (Am I weird? Do you feel that way too?)

They take on the flavor of whatever they’re in so you should use this super power to your advantage and sneak them into EVERYTHING.

For this dish, I combined the two with some butter and salt and it was like eating butter and salt with the texture of a veggie. Pretty good stuff and really easy to do.


Here’s your recipe:

Butter in a cast iron pan. Cut zucchini. Ask your kid to rip apart some spinach for you. Let the other kid add the zucchini to the pan.

Add salt (I use Celtic Sea Salt), and a teeny tiny sprinkle of raw sugar. When the zucchini starts to brown and get a tad bit floppy, add the chopped spinach. Stir, turn off heat, and let wilt.

Serve. Eat. Curse yourself for not making more. ;)


What’s your favorite way to eat or prepare zucchini?


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    oh my goodness, zucchini is one of my favorites! we eat it all the time, chopped and sauteed with some olive oil and vegetable seasonings. stir fried or with terriyaki sauce. sliced thin, cooked in a pan sprinkled with parmesan cheese, or add tomatoes and bacon on top of the parmesan. sooo many options!

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      TOMATOES AND BACON?! wow. I have half a zucchini left from this recipe, so I will be making that tonight. Thank you, Erin! Your other recipes sound amazing, I’ve never tried it in stir fry!

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