Black and White ABC Magnets

I needed some ABC magnets up in this house. Not the colorful, fun kind, oh no. I needed some boring magnets that would blend in with my kitchen. No fun allowed, not on my fridge.


errr, umm…

These letters are vinyl stickers that you’d use to stick onto your mailbox, I found them in the signs and mailboxes section of my favorite orange home improvement store. Nice and industrial. And cheap! Under two dollars a sheet. The nice part is that they have multiples of the most used letters, so that Lily can spell her name, I can spell mine, and we’re all happy.

Materials needed:

Vinyl Mailbox Letters
Business Card Magnets (I got a stack of 100 for $10 or 20? from Walmart)


Peel the paper off of the business card magnet, remove a letter, and stick it onto the magnet. The magnets are the exact height of the letters, and will fit three letters.

Take the scissors and trim the magnet to cut out the letter magnet.

Slap magnets on your fridge and let your kids practice making works.

And then maybe greet your husband with a caring message as he walks in the door. ;)

inexpensive, SUPER easy to make! black and white ABC magnets vinyl mailbox stickers


  1. says

    I love that there are multiples and you don’t have to worry about little magnets your kids can swallow like on the back of those plastic magnets. Cheap and easy too! This would be great for teachers. You could even buy the numbers and do math stuff. Love the message, Doug is so lucky to have you ;).

  2. lori says

    Hey Ann, Do your kiddos play with Fisher Price Little People? What are some of their favorite toys? I think you should do a post on that!!! : )

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