Simple Egg Carton Snowflakes


Ahhhh, winter time. It’s the time of year when we are torn between hibernating and tackling stuff like crazy. I’m also always torn between decorating for Valentine’s Day or decorating with snowflakes. I guess both would be cute together, but after the décor-overload of Christmas, I like to take a break from holiday décor. We usually go through about 3-4 cartons of eggs a week and I was looking at … [Read more...]

Milk Cap Glitter Spiders


I love these little spiders, they make me happy inside. I don’t typically do Halloween decor. I’m lucky to get fall stuff up and blogged. Cause every year it’s the same craziness: you have fall décor that goes up when it’s still hot out. Then you put up some Halloween, and BAM, BIG HOLIDAY! Then you take it down and put up some more fall, then BAM, another BIG HOLIDAY! Then it’s Christmas. BAM … [Read more...]

Monster Bean Bag Toss Game

love this monster bean bag game!

My kids love a certain monster movie and their favorite character is this silly green guy named Mike. My dad made this game for a Halloween party. When my kids saw it in their garage, they sounded a lot like the little girl Boo from the movie. “Mike Wazowski! Mike Wazowski!” First, take a 4 foot by 4 foot board and paint your monster on there. This is probably the toughest part, but think … [Read more...]

Black and White ABC Magnets


I needed some ABC magnets up in this house. Not the colorful, fun kind, oh no. I needed some boring magnets that would blend in with my kitchen. No fun allowed, not on my fridge. errr, umm... These letters are vinyl stickers that you’d use to stick onto your mailbox, I found them in the signs and mailboxes section of my favorite orange home improvement store. Nice and industrial. And … [Read more...]

Instagram Photo Coasters


Hey guys, I’m going to be on the latest season of “So You Think You’re Crafty”! You can head over and vote for me for this week’s challenge, “Stashbusting”, aka using up supplies you already own so your friends don’t nominate you for an episode of Hoarders. ;) Today, I’m sharing a tutorial for the Instagram Photo Coasters that I submitted for the audition round of SYTYC. They were easy to do, … [Read more...]