DIY Sharpie Letter Garland with Free Printable

make a DIY scribble letter garland! free #printable letters included!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #StaplesSharpie Lately I have been crushing on gold, hand drawn designs, and garlands. So I decided to put the three together and made a letter garland. I've attached a few printables to this post so that you can make one of … [Read more...]

Simple Decoupaged Puzzle Tray Art

Repurposed Puzzle Tray Art

Last week I picked up a paintbrush and got back to crafting after a few post-baby weeks away. One little phrase I've kept in mind throughout this time of transition (a.k.a. time of crazy) has been "you are enough". You are enough. I am enough. I love the touch handmade artwork can add to a home, so I made something with these powerful, yet simple words. I needed it to stare me in the face every … [Read more...]

Sunny Bedroom Update

Sunny Bedroom Update

Our bedroom has always gotten the back burner decorating wise. Does that happen to you? The rest of the house has gotten updates and color love, but all our master bedroom has gotten was stuff shoved in it and laundry folded on the bed. And a super boring neutral palette. Mohawk Flooring challenged me to give a room a colorful makeover for the summer, and I knew it was time this bedroom got … [Read more...]

Color Blocked Succulent Pot

color blocked succulent pot

Have you seen succulent gardens popping up all over the place lately? Yeah, me too. And I wanted one. I don't know if you've heard of this thing called an "indoor plant black thumb", but that's my deal. I can do outdoor gardens: rain and a few supplemental runs of the sprinkler. But indoor plants? Nope. Poor things are doomed the second they step in the door. The Home Depot holds monthly … [Read more...]

Color Blocked Triangle Tote Bag

use stencils to make a color blocked triangle tote bag! via @whbsblog

I'm going to go ahead and make a bold statement: triangles are the new chevron. Meaning that they look good on anything, in any color, and I just can't get enough of em. I needed a new library bag. I couldn't keep embarrassing my kids by showing up to story time with a broken down plastic grocery bag and looking like a hot mess. I took a simple tote and used Handmade Charlotte stencils to add … [Read more...]

Picnic Date in the Park with My Mom


Many of my childhood memories are of going to the park with my mom. We would travel to parks in other towns and have a picnic lunch, bring our bikes and make a parade there, get ice cream, or go to a park near a pond and feed the fish. We’d drive across town and visit “the train park”, or to the “pirate ship park”, or even just a short walk to our neighborhood park with the really, really big … [Read more...]

Backyard Summer Essentials

the top 12 summer beach towels, via @whbsblog #targetstyle

Spring is here, but summer is right around the corner and I cannot wait for those warm temps.  All of the fun and cute stuff is just starting to roll into stores and if you wait until it is warmer, the cute stuff is gone by then! I've put together three collections of summer essentials so you can be ready when summer is here.   Ahhh, summer in the backyard. Sprinklers, blow up pools, … [Read more...]

Family Room Spring Refresh

refresh your home with a simple pillow change, love this idea! via @whbsblog

  Even though it doesn't feel like it outside, spring is here and I couldn't be happier! I've been seeing lots of bright and bold color lately and wanted to bring those colors into our home. After adding our new breakfast bar, renovating the other half of the house, and adding a bright and colorful mom cave, I thought our family room could use some love. I added Threshold pillows from … [Read more...]

Tips for Mixing Colors, Patterns, and Textures

decorating tips for mixing colors, prints, and texture

When redecorating a room or giving it a new look, one of the toughest parts is deciding how to mix materials, patterns, and colors. It can be especially difficult if you are indecisive and like to switch out pieces with the seasons or as your tastes change! My main goal is to keep a budget in mind, but have fun with my décor and add big pops of color and texture. I keep the big things … [Read more...]

Mid-Season Growth Spurt? Old Navy to the Rescue!


This past weekend I tackled the kids closet for the 40 BAGS 40 DAYS challenge and realized AHH! They have no pants! (That don’t look like floods, that is.) Do your kids always have a growth spurt mid-season? I feel like mine always do. While my youngest is styling with more jeans than I have, the older two needed some new ones. I heard Old Navy is having a Kids & Baby Sale, so we headed … [Read more...]