Life Behind the Photos

Life is not always as it seems.

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase many times, but it bears repeating now and again.

The pictures you see on Pinterest and your favorite blogs have a hidden story, one that you seldom hear. At least they do on this blog. ;)



Behind the fancy camera is a messy kitchen and a “photographer” in yoga pants who needs to shower. Badly.

The perfect lighting is an east facing window. The white background is a fridge next to a piece of plywood taking a break from covering up a hole to the crawl space in the basement.


The perfect studio has someone trying to climb the tripod and a cheering section with oohing, aahing, and making beep noises like the camera timer.

And maybe a few meltdowns.


and that picture you saw at the beginning?

It had about a half hour of editing work done while the kids are bickering and tearing the family room apart. :)



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    How fun to see behind the scenes! I was JUST thinking about something similar over here – how what you see on our blog is pretty, but behind the scenes, yes, I am wearing sweats and need a shower! :P Nice helpers you got there!!

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    What a fantastic post! Reading blogs can definitely make us all feel a little down on ourselves – everyone else’s lives look so shiny and perfect in blog world. I love this reminder that we all have a little craziness behind the scenes. :)

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    Umm…yoga pants-check, need to shower-check. The living space is clean, because I spent the morning cleaning it, but the kids rooms are destroyed and the laundry pile would be best described as a mountain.

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      I’m wearing my pj’s from last night, working on blog stuff, and feeding my 11 month old, haha!

      I do not! I use (which is free) but have been thinking of upgrading lately. I totally feel ya on not cutting it! Let me know if you take the plunge, I’ve been thinking of getting Elements and Lightroom.

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      I love ya too ;) Thanks for sympathizing, it makes me feel not-so-crazy. With posts like these I feel like I am holding my breath, hiding, and scared to hit publish. Comments like yours make me feel SO much better! And yep, I’m wearing pj bottoms. We all are still in our pjs!

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