Organizing My Mind

My sister-in-law, Bonnie is having a party about organizing your life. I know I need all of the help organizing that I can get, so here goes!

This week’s challenge is to start out and organize your mind.

This little desk organizer has saved my sanity.


It is from Pottery Barn and I bought it at a garage sale for $2! I hot-glued it to my fridge (yes, I just admitted that) and it has been a big help in our daily lives.

I write what days I am working on the calendar part, as well as any other appointments or parties that we have going on. It’s nice to be able to plan ahead!

The notepads at the top are for “groceries” “to do…” “call back” and “misc.”

I make the big grocery trips on my way home from work (without the kids!), but for all of those inbetween things in the middle of the week, I write out a few things and Doug stops on his way home. Such a big help, thanks hun!


I have a ton of stuff “to do” that won’t fit on this list, but on here I write down things that I want to get better about working on for the week. The longer I work on it the more it becomes habit. Getting to make that little X mark feels sooo good…


On the misc pad, I write things that are in the weeks ahead (since this is a weekly calendar) and write them as the date approaches. Sometimes I’ll write a little quote or bible passage that I’d like to meditate on for the week, keeping it in my daily thoughts and prayers.


Lately I’ve been trying to focus on spending more time OFF the computer. So far it has been great and seems to be just what I needed.

I get down and play with the kids while they are awake, do the dishes and throw in a load of laundry every day while Lily is eating breakfast and Ben is napping. Vacuuming, sweeping, and then a short workout when round two of naps (for Ben at least) comes around.

I feel like once these things are done, I can sit back, enjoy lunch, and a little bit of computer time without worrying about everything else piling up. This is also a great time for crafting or sewing, or maybe even a little Judge Pirro. ;)


I’m working on clutter room by room, but in the family room I added the bookshelf on the wall on the left and moved the coffee table in front of the loveseat instead of the couch. I’m surprised at how much room moving the coffee table now gives the kids to play, I wish I would have done it sooner! Without having a foot rest in front of “my spot” I find I get on and off the computer a lot more quickly.

The bookshelf (also Pottery Barn, $10 at a garage sale), replaces a basket that always seemed to get in the way. Now the books are in one spot, and Lily *loves* taking them down and putting them back. A piece of furniture that encourages cleaning?!?! SCORE!!!


Bonnie also mentions praying, taking breaks, and getting me time. Now that I’m working, I notice that although I didn’t realize it before, it is really good for me to get out of the house and on my own for a few hours. My “me time” and the drive to and from work with my cup of tea and the music on.

When I get home, Doug has the kids in bed, dinner made, dishes done, and we’ll eat together and share the rest of the night relaxing and taking a break together. I’ll straighten the family room so it is clean when we wake up, and then we go to bed. Most nights we’ll turn off the tv and pray together, it really seems to help our relationship and lives.

Although the job makes my life more stressful when I’m  heading out of the house, it has kinda forced us to make changes that needed to be made. Things are so much more relaxing around here and I love having an organized mind!


Organize your lif

Not too many pics in this post, hope you didn’t mind me being too wordy. Head over to Bonnie’s to start organizing your life!


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    I love this idea of "organizing my mind"! We've done similar projects for Sarah's party. I decided to dump my mind in a binder and it is so de-stressing to have that "mission control" functioning. I really love how you've enforced chore routines into specific windows of the day too. I think those "power hours" are my next step in maintaining a semblance of sanity. Thanks for the inspiration!

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