Painting the Family Room and Giveaway Winners!

I picked a color, Sharkey Gray. Loved it, loved any room I’ve seen it in online.

I second guessed myself when I got to Home Depot (it looked too dark) and then bought two gallons of “non-refundable” Whetstone Gray. I got home, and the color was almost white. Wah wah wahhh.

Went back to Home Depot. Bought two more gallons of the right color. Finished prepping the room, and here we are. I’m about to get my painting clothes on and we’re painting a room, folks!

Here’s our little palette:


Here’s how everything plays out:


And the Whetstone Gray? Since it’s almost white, I have a few ideas for what I can use it for. Maybe not all two gallons of it, but at least some of it.

What are you doing this weekend?



Also, the giveaway winners for the three copies of I Brake for Yard Sales are:

#724: Stephanie Chan
#707: Maricela Woodruff
#156: Stacey Hopkins

Congratulations, ladies! :) Check your inboxes, I just sent out your emails.


  1. says

    Great color scheme. Can’t wait to see it all done. Hugs, Marty

  2. says

    Thank you soooo much Anne Marie! The book looks wonderful and I can’t wait to read it!

    Love your color palette! Those shades of blue and yellow are two of my favorites. Our kitchen was recently done in a retro theme, with red as the main color, but I’m loving yellow/mustard and all shades in between so much that that is our new main color. But there are still a lot of vintage accents, that’s a must for me :)

  3. says

    Isn’t it that how it goes? There is a reason you fell in love in the first place and then you over-think it or chicken out and take a little detour to end up right where you started. Happens to me all the time. Super bummed I didn’t win :(. Looked like an awesome book.

  4. lori says

    great color pics! Can’t wait to see the end results! That’s so frustrating when you buy paint and find out that it just isn’t going to work. I started buying the sampler cans for that reason!!! Good luck to you!!!!!

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