Fringed Tee Shirt Scarf



I took a Dave Matthews Band concert tee that never quite fit me right (and was currently used as a painting shirt), and made a pin I’ve been wanting to make for a LOOONG time!

Don’t they remind you of those shirts you used to make as kids, with the pony beads strung on the bottom? I soooo need to get some pony beads. I can’t wait to raid my stash of stretchy pregnancy shirts and make more!





For the tutorial, please go here!


Tips: when reading the post, go by the written instructions. Also, I think using a stretchy, fitted tee like they used makes a more flattering, feminine scarf.


and while I have your attention (and they’re on my feet)… you HAVE to go to Target and pick up some of these sweater slipper boots!! They were marked down from $30 to $5.98 and had a TON of colors!

imagemy bum legs are getting better! all I’m left with are scars, but whatever. No pain!!! :)

I got a pair in pink as well :)


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  1. Amber says

    I’ve been wanting to try the t-shirt scarf as well, I’m glad it turned out for you. Good motivation for me to try it! Cute slipper boots!! Need to find some of those! Also, you are looking amazing!! I really enjoy reading your blog. :)

  2. says

    Girl you look so good after just having had a baby! You’re a stick (as my mom would say.) I did notice your legs– OUCH! I’m so glad you’re getting all better.

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