40 BAGS 40 DAYS Week Two Progress

Earlier this month we kicked off our third annual 40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS decluttering challenge. Want to join in? It’s not too late! Check out this post, get our printable calendar, and join the closed facebook group for support. Are you already joining us or want to see blogs who are? Link up at the bottom of this post!


Saturday (3 BAGS):

started the kids room. I brought bins down from the attic and started going through them. I got together a bag for Goodwill, a small bag of boy stuff for a friend, and a small bag of girl stuff for my mother-in-law.

And then it started bothering me. I started feeling anxious and had an icky feeling in my stomach. So I put the stuff in their closet, shut the door and walked out.

I’m embarrassed to admit that to you, more on that room in a bit…


Monday (NO BAGS):

Doug was home so we did our taxes. Which meant sorting through blogging finances. I told myself I would do two spots on Tuesday to make up for this.


Tuesday (2 BAGS, 1 BOX):

As soon as I woke up, I tackled the pantry like a boss. It felt so good to be back on track!



I felt like I was on a roll. So to make up for Saturday and Monday, I organized every single cabinet in the kitchen. You know the last time that happened? Never. Stuff went in when we moved in and was organized over time depending on what worked well where.


I got rid of a box of kitchen stuff and took inventory of what needed to be replaced. If it was something I could live without, I pitched it. No excuses. I wanted to replace our non-stick cookie sheets with stainless steel, but held onto them and never did. If I need them enough, then I will buy new ones! So out they went.


Wednesday (NO BAGS):

I decided to paint our hallway. Please note that it’s not quite finished. :)


Thursday (1 bAG):

Last month I designated a big ole chest for my blogging, computer, and camera stuff.

A bag was taken out and donated, but this week I finally put it to work. I used fabric bins (from Target) that could corral the stuff, but were easy to move to other rooms.


One bin has magazines, notebooks and sketchbooks, and hole punched business cards from conferences on a binder clip. The other bin holds my computer, camera, and a file folder with blog and home stuff, and the camera tripod fits nicely alongside the bins.


The file folder was sitting empty in my closet and I was going to donate it, but I had a ton of drawers stuffed with “important” crap. There are dividers for tax info, receipts, blog documents, paint chips, cards,



Friday (1.5 BAGS, 1 HUGE PILE):

I had enough with our bedroom. Laundry had piled up, it wasn’t getting done, and it felt ridiculous. I try to do a load a day, but when I fall behind, it gets insane! I needed to be accountable, so I shamed (and motivated!) myself by posting this gross “before” picture on Instagram, and hurried to get an “after”


I started running loads of laundry, folded the clean stuff on the bed, put things away, cleaned out my dresser, and got a half bag of garbage, 1 bag of clothes, a huge pile of unused décor and other stuff that didn’t need to be in there. I finished the room in two hours. Holding myself accountable really did help.


And that night, I folded two more loads straight out of the dryer – it’s amazing what a clean room can do! ;)

When I woke up today, it was so clean, I actually wanted to make my bed.


Maybe now that the room is clean, I can put the finishing touches on this room and do a real bedroom reveal post. And then finally post the tutorial I’ve wanted to share for forever on how to make a tufted headboard like ours. For under $50. :)


What did you work on this week and how did it go?

Link up your posts below!


  1. says

    It was a great week – and while I’ve not accomplished quite as much as you (holy crow – you even painted the hallway!!) I’m happy. If you have time, though, can you come paint for me next week? :-) I linked up and hopefully my readers will come and comment here, too, like suggested they do.

  2. says

    I’m still really proud of my living room. My dh says I have project ADHD, which is totally true! Sometimes you just need to jump from project to project until you feel inspired! You did a great job this week!

  3. Lori says

    Hey AM, Just curious if you keep back out grown clothes for the future. I saw a few times that you mentioned getting rid of children’s clothes. BTW Congrats on #4!

  4. Debby says

    I posted this comment somewhere else, but I am so proud I want to repeat here. 6 file drawers and 2 cardboard file boxes taken down to a 2 drawer file cabinet. Multiple trips to the Paper Retriever and I am not done shredding yet! My shredder keeps over heating. So glad I found your blog and the challenge. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. My bedroom gets like that from time to time. Impressed that you shared. :)

  5. says

    I just started this week in my bedroom. With a 4 yr old and a 7 month old I’m kina off to a slow start but I’ll be getting there soon. When I saw your room I wanted to cry because my whole house looks like that; and it’s not just because we just moved either. There is always a room/area of the house-or two that I hide from the public. I’m tired of being aprehensive about people calling 15 mins ahead to say they are coming over. I’m hoping this challenge will help whip me and my family into shape. I’m keeping myself accountable by blogging about my progress on my blog http://www.hearts-at-home.blogspot.com

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