31 Ways to Have a Better Day Printable

I’ve been asked by family, friends, and readers to make my “31 Things to Do to Have a Better Day” post into a printable version.

Ask and you shall receive! This list has helped me out even when I just wanted to wallow in my bad day and stay crabby. Darn you, list. You’re that good.

Oh I SO need to print this out! 31 things to do to have a better day #printable

Here’s a preview of the list, but don’t print this, it’s not very good quality. Click through to download a high resolution version that you can hang on your bulletin board, clipboard, or even frame.

Oh I SO need to print this out! 31 things to do to have a better day #printable

I’m glad that it’s helped some of you, and I hope it continues to help even more of you. If you liked this, please consider liking us on our social media pages to say thanks. And so that we can get to be friends. :)

31 ways to have a better day printable


  1. says

    Thank you so much for this list, sometimes I have an especially hard time with this at work! Home too, but it’s easier than working with a group of women who may be having a “bad day” too, no matter how good they usually are! (that includes me, of course : ) 0

  2. Lou says

    Thanks for this idea. I’m going to take it along to my depression therapy group. I’m sure we could personalise it to make it more manageable for most of us. (Getting out of bed, let alone making it, is a big task for many of us on some days.)

    I especially love the idea of starting a small project and completing it. I have way too many uncompleted projects which only adds to my self-loathing.

    My favourite pick-me-up is to pick up my ukulele and strum along to some cool playalongs on YouTube. That’s a sure-fire way to lift the mood.

    I hope this list is helping to lift your spirits still.

  3. Linda B says

    I love this list! But when I try to print it, only the titles at the top and bottom come out, and the list is a blur of blue and black. Anyone know why this might be?

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