Help Me with 40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS this Wednesday

haha, you like that? I thought I’d spin today’s “Help Me!” Wednesday to be a little more 40 bags oriented so you get that little mash-up. I don’t know about this picture though, it looks a little creepy. Reminds me of The Ring. AHHH!!!


Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, and the start of our 40 bags in 40 days challenge. I’ve had a few people ask if it’s okay that they participate if they don’t celebrate Lent. ABSOLUTELY!!! To me, Lent is a time of reflection, sacrifice, and prayer. A time when I strive to change my behaviors and become a better person. In my opinion, we should strive to work on those goals regardless of the religion practiced! It happens to coincide with spring, a time of rebirth and a crap-ton of cleaning, so it works out well!

Did you get your printable game plan?


One of the projects I have on my game plan for next week is the roll top desk sitting in our living room.


Sure it’s nice to have a desk, ya know, for your bills and important documents and such.


And maybe I have issues or just suck at owning a desk, but if I have a desk at my disposal, it’s going to look like this. Deep breath. Okay. I’ll post a pic.


I’d like to sell this desk or bring it to a consignment shop and utilize this space more effectively, rather than owning what is essentially just a giant wooden paper tray. I have two days set aside for the desk and will probably get at least two garbage bags for all of the shredding that needs to be done. Once it’s sold, I’m going to reward myself!


Last summer I bought a file cabinet at a garage sale, I put it at the bottom of Doug’s closet, and we transferred our important documents to that spot. But what about the rest of the office type supplies you’d need in a desk or office space?


I love The Office.

imageimage found here

I also am fond of Office Space.

imageimage source is kinda questionable so I’ll link you to google

So today’s Help Me Wednesday question is concerns offices and office spaces:

have any suggestions for creating office space when you don’t have an office?

You know, like a mail center, place to hold your stapler, printer, that kind of stuff? I’m looking to get creative! Feel free to post any links you have to your blog posts, pins that you like, or whole pinterest boards devoted to storage or offices.

Thanks in advance, and happy 40 bagging! Don’t forget to come back for our link party this Friday where you can share your thoughts, goals, and progress.



  1. says

    If I had a desk on our main floor, it would surely look exactly like your desk does right now! Flat surfaces are my weakness.

    I have a small wardrobe in my dining room that we outfitted with shelves for storage.
    (This post is from last July.)

    This is where I keep my printer and all sorts of little officey type things. I keep other things in our basement office (along with our paper files), but those are mainly things I don’t use frequently.

    Maybe you could replace the desk with some sort of cabinet or credenza? Put the printer inside and drill a hole in the back for the wires. Maybe you have something that would already work?

  2. valerie says

    I think a basket or bin works well to stash bills, important docs to be filed, and other office supplies. Maybe the basket can also be stored in doug’s closet and just pull it out as you need it? Maybe you can store the printer there too and just get it out when you need it. Or maybe set up a work space in your basement?

  3. jules p says

    Our “office” is in our foyer. I know this sounds a little strange. But it is the best space. I have a secretary there. And then an antique mirror above it. And a chair there too. (sitting off to the side) That chair can hold a coat/purse of people who are visiting us. Also in this foyer, is a small coat closet. I have room for coats, but we placed two filing cabinets in there. And the top shelf of that closet has bins holding school supplies, paper, pens, etc.
    I like it because I tend to keep it cleaner knowing that it would be the first thing someone sees if they come to my house!

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