Honey Butter Grilled Peaches

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I think it’s safe to say that our family is hooked on peaches. We’ve enjoyed them in peach crisp, raw and sliced, but I’ve been wanting to figure out how to grill and serve them with dinner. Peach season is starting up, so now’s the time to try it!


Last time we went to Mariano’s, a local grocery store in the Chicagoland area, and made Melon Sushi Roll Ups, I was really impressed by their produce selection. We recently returned to look for new varieties of peaches that our regular grocery store didn’t have. And MAN, did they ever! Look at all these peaches, plums, and nectarines:


We picked three different kinds: "saturn", "donut", and regular yellow peaches. I decided to cut them up and make honey butter grilled peaches. The recipe was super simple, here’s how to make them:

Honey Butter Grilled Peaches

First, you want to cut your peaches in half, remove the pits, and score them, cutting into the peach into a tic-tac-toe board type shape:


next, top your peaches with butter. Don’t be modest, butter is healthy for you, right? Load ’em up ;)


and drizzle them with honey. We like to use raw, local honey:


and then you grill them. You don’t want the grill to be too hot, put the peaches on after you are done cooking your meats and turn off the grill. They’re done when you start to see bubbles forming in the center of the peaches. The peaches will give slightly when you grab them with tongs.


And that’s it. Now you eat them.


We paired our peaches with grilled chicken and a spinach feta salad, it was delicious! I thought 12 peach halves would be too many for my husband, our three small kids, and myself, but we DEVOURED them!


Overall, the "Saturn" yellow-orange peaches were our favorite variety, followed by the "Donut" small white peaches, and the yellow regular peaches. We will be going back to Mariano’s to get more before the season is over, that’s for sure!


For more recipe ideas, check out the Mariano’s community (updated weekly!), or find them on Twitter, with the #MyMarianos hashtag, and on Facebook.

What’s your favorite way to eat peaches?

Have you ever grilled them?


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    Oh man, I now know I need to make my peaches this way! They look amazing. I have no doubt my little guys would devour them as well:)

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