Unrealistic Perfectionism


I’ve tossed around this post for a while now and then kinda cram it back into my head. Because it sounds like complaining and I’m totally opening up and well, that makes me uncomfortable. :) Unrealistic Perfectionism What is it? It’s when you’re blinded by a perfect vision of how things should be, when that… 

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A Holiday Ready Dining Room Reveal

a holiday ready room reveal, you won't believe the before and after!

Forget the hustle and bustle, my favorite holiday tradition is being home with the people I love. Homemade hot chocolate, weeknight fires in the fireplace, rolling out cookie dough, kids setting the table to earn brownie points with Santa, singing (loudly) to Christmas carols while doing dishes, last minute invite-yourself-over dinners with family. And it… 

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Flashback Friday –Jamaica

Yes, I am writing this post at 3:21am. I can’t sleep (but I’m about to go try again…) Looking for a good picture for Christopher and Tia’s Flashback Friday, I wanted to pick something that a.) wasn’t of our house, b.) wasn’t of crafts/decorating, or c.) wasn’t of Lily (no offense, Lily). It’s almost been two years since our wedding and as memorable and amazing as that was, I’m not going to … [Read More...]

Lemonade, Dandelions, and Freeze Pops

My kids are still too young to enjoy a kid-sized summer tablescape (14 months and one due any day now), so I hope you’ll join me! sit back and get rockin’ (the chairs rock – no really, they literally rock) grab a freeze pop   and I’ll pour you a glass of lemonade don’t mind the weeds that are threatening to take over, they can wait another day… but instead enjoy some handpicked … [Read More...]

Sailing the Garage Sea

I’ve definitely been sailing the garage sea (think every Thursday and Friday…), even though I haven’t been posting. Here are a couple of my favorites from the past few weeks!   my spankin’ new fern wall art for above my couch! from TWO DIFFERENT SALES! eek! the two on the outside are PB, $4 each the two in the center are awesome and were $6 for BOTH   PB weekly organizer – … [Read More...]

When to Pick the Rhubarb?

Simple post, simple question… Remember when you identified the rhubarb growing in my hard back in this post back in March? I found out from the previous owner that the rhubarb plants growing in randomly chosen places throughout my yard are over 50 years old and were there way before they bought the house! Very cool… Well, when do I pick these bad boys? This is the one in my front yard, … [Read More...]

Hot Dog Shaped Hamburgers

What do you do when you start making burgers but then realize you are OUT of hamburger buns? You could go bun-less, or just use bread (bleh), but if you have hot dog buns, you’re in luck! This isn’t a tried and true recipe, just something I came up with on the fly last night. First, I shaped a pound of ground beef into hot dog-gy shapes, trying not to make it TOO thick and keeping in mind that … [Read More...]

Backyard Transformation

This post started out as a “YAY! The duck house is GONE!” post, but in looking back through old pictures, I’m realizing just how much work we’ve really done on our yard in the past few months. Before we came to check out our house for the first time, we knew the house was sitting on 1.08 acres, which was a BIG change from our apartment with a balcony! When we came to check out the house … [Read More...]

Pay No Attention to the Peeling Paint…

When we got workin’ back in Sept ‘09, we scraped paint, patched, primed, and painted two coats on all of the walls and ceilings in our house in the month before we moved in. We decided to skip the hallway and bathroom, since those were two rooms that didn’t need furniture moved in and out and we could easily paint them once we were living in the house. Before picture: HA! So now it’s ohhh, 8 … [Read More...]

My Girl Eats Bubbles

I’ve been a bad blogger lately… I hit the best neighborhood garage sale of the year, including a stop at the “Pottery Barn house,” and never talked about it. I pretty much redecorated my whole living room, bedroom, and got a new kitchen table and never blogged about it. We’ve done a ton of work to our yard and our garden is planted, and yep, you guessed it, I never talked about it. Blame it … [Read More...]

Quick Lemon Poached Salmon (and a plea for citrus-y recipes)

When you buy way too many lemons in anticipation of a certain little girl’s birthday party, then completely forget to make lemonade, don’t worry! You can still make lemonade, but once you’re sick of that, make a lemon-y dinner! Lemon Poached Salmon Step One: Slice lemons and line a baking dish with them. This used up a good two lemons. Step Two (and three, four, and five, since I only took … [Read More...]

A Day at the Park

I’ve been wanting to do some professional pictures for Lily’s 1st birthday, but of course I missed my appointment, put off scheduling another, and yada yada yada, here we are, she’s a little over 13 months! Since yesterday we were blessed with beautiful temps and blue skies, I decided to take my little point and shoot camera (no, I don’t have a SLR like eeeeeveryone else, although I’d LOVE one), … [Read More...]