Tips to Create a Family Room

simple changes, secondhand furniture, and paint make this family room fun

Of all the rooms in our house, our family room has gone through the most changes. I’m really not even surprised cause we live in this room 80% of the time. That and the fact that I am a changer-upper. Recently I had enough with not doing any projects so I challenged myself to give… 

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Falling In Love with the After

" were not made for comfort, you were made for greatness."

A few weeks ago, I did something I promised myself I wouldn’t do. I fell in love with a house. When we initially started this journey, I told myself I wouldn’t start looking at homes because I knew what would happen. Doug agreed and wanted to focus on selling our house first. You see, I suffer… 

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A Package Deal

Most of our garage sale finds from this weekend are stashed in my decor storage area since I couldn’t get them hung/displayed before the party (you know how that is), but here are our big goodies!   large antique mirror, $5 (yes, that’s my un-made bed. no shame here, folks…) lawn tractor, $250 plus $125 of maintenance to get it running like the beast it is (but no, I don’t think it’s … [Read More...]

A Party Fit for a Little Girl

The weather was perfect, the house was clean, the food was delicious, and our families came out in full force to help us celebrate Lily’s 1st birthday! We had a great time, it couldn’t have gone any better. Please enjoy some pictures from the party! our family enjoying the yummy food with grandma   the garage, decorated and being enjoyed   the house and family enjoying it but … [Read More...]

Gone Party Planning!

image via here, then photoshopped via me   Lily’s 1st birthday party is this Sunday! Woo hoo! (and that’s why I’ve been absent lately) Asking for prayers, rosaries, whatever you can give me, that the 45% chance of rain forecasted for Sunday does NOT deliver! Although we are an affectionate family, I don’t know that we want to be getting that close to each other in this small house! … [Read More...]

Freecycle Goodies

My sister-in-law, Bonnie is having a Twice Owned Tuesday party over at her blog, House of Grace. Since pretty much my whole house can be classified as “Twice Owned,” and lately all I’ve been posting about has been about Goodwill or garage sale finds (I’ve been busy), I figured I would post some of my favorite things I’ve found recently on freecycle. Some of you have emailed me asking what … [Read More...]

Open a Banana Like a Monkey

Like your bananas kinda green or barely yellow? Have trouble opening them since the skin is so firm? Open your banana like a monkey – backwards! Works every time… Once you try it, you’ll never open a banana (green or brown) the same way again… How do you like your bananas? These are def not how I like them, way too green for me:   I like them when they are showing brown spots. I know, … [Read More...]

Vintage Baking Tin Hedges

I promised you a project, how about recycling some things around my house to make some new decor, in honor of Earth Day? Remember these free cuties I scored last weekend? From the same garage sale as the fan? Vintage-y Bake King tins, love em! I thought this would be the perfect thing to make over for a project, here’s what I had in mind… This spot right here looks great when I have some … [Read More...]

Garage Sale Finds from this Weekend

I really, really need to get going on some projects! That’s my goal… I will have a project tomorrow. Promise. I went to a few garage sales on my way to and from running errands on Thursday then a huge neighborhood one on Friday (from the neighborhood where my husband grew up). Since I got a ton of stuff, I’ll just show you some of my favorites. This, has to be MY FAVORITE garage sale find from … [Read More...]

Giveaway Winner and Excel Tip of the Day

So how does everyone else figure out winners for multiple entries for their giveaways? Like when you ask people to give you a shameless advertising plug and they’ll get more entries? Since I’m a math/computer nerd, I used my mad Excel skills to choose a winner: I typed out each name, duplicating them for bonus entry people as needed. In case your wondering, that formula means “Mr. Excel, … [Read More...]

Epic Lamp FAIL

Dear Valspar, I have a bone to pick with you. But first… Yeah, I screwed ‘em up. And now my lamps are looking like more of a before than an after. This is the before. Bought them for $2.99 each at Goodwill, gushed about how cute they’d look, even took pics with my new fabric, half finished table. Oh don’t you love them! Hey everybody, come see how good they look! Wasn’t crazy about how the … [Read More...]

Thank You, Military Moms!

  One of my friends, Mrs. Muffins, recently wrote a post on being a military wife and mom. Although this is far from the first time she’s written about it, this specific post is so beautifully written and really gives you a glimpse into what these brave women go through every second of their lives. I had to share it with you, read her post here. Mrs. Muffins (Nicole) and I met a while … [Read More...]